No Man's Land (FBI K-9 #4)

No Man's Land (FBI K-9 #4)Special Agent Meg Jennings and her search and rescue dog are on the trail of a killer hiding where others fear to tread For Meg Jennings and her K 9 companion, Hawk, exploring the ruins of a deserted building is an exciting way to sharpen their skills without the life or death stakes they face as

Nome-o Seeks Juliet (Odds-Are-Good, #2)

Nome-o Seeks Juliet (Odds-Are-Good, #2)New York Times bestselling author Katy Regnery returns with the second book in her Odds Are Good series When a lonely vet eran and an ambitious vet erinarian work together to win the Qimmiq 200, sparks will fly Montana born veterinary student, Juliet Sanderson, is disappointed when her project

The Dog Who Knew Too Much (Paws and Claws Mystery #6)

The Dog Who Knew Too Much (Paws and Claws Mystery #6)When a famous pooch comes to Wagtail for some downtime, inn owner Holly Miller learns that murder never rests in this all new Paws Claws mystery in the New York Times bestselling series.America s favorite dog comes to pet friendly Wagtail for some rest and relaxation, but Holly quickly discovers

Kiki & Jax: The Life-Changing Magic of Friendship

Kiki & Jax: The Life-Changing Magic of FriendshipInspired by Marie Kondo s KonMari Method, Kiki Jax tells the endearing story of two best friends who couldn t be different Kiki is a collector and Jax is a sorter The one thing they always agree on is how much fun they have together But when Kiki s things start getting in the way, they

Bad Dog

Bad DogThe differences between cats and dogs have never been funnier In this hilarious new story from the illustrator of I Don t Want to Be a Frog, a little girl really, really wants a dog but gets a cat instead Look what I got for my birthday A pet dog says a little girl holding a cat Rocky

The Zookeepers' War: An Incredible True Story from the Cold War

The Zookeepers' War: An Incredible True Story from the Cold WarTHE ACCLAIMED INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER The unbelievable true story of the Cold War s strangest proxy war, fought between the zoos on either side of the Berlin Wall.Living in West Berlin in the 1960s often felt like living in a zoo, everyone packed together behind a wall, with the world always

Everybody Says Meow

Everybody Says MeowEverybody Says Meow Or do they Fans of Sandra Boynton and of Jules Feiffer s classic Bark, George will meow, bark, and ribbit when they hear this hilarious picture book about a waggish group of adorable animals that just cannot follow one simple instruction Welcome to that magical time when

Fearless Felines: 30 True Tales of Courageous Cats

Fearless Felines: 30 True Tales of Courageous CatsFrom World War II London to outer space, meet the coolest cats in history in a colorful illustrated compendium of famous felines and cat facts.Drawing from the thrilling lives of than 30 adorable cats throughout history, Kimberlie Hamilton retells the fascinating tales of cats through the

One Snowy Morning

One Snowy MorningTwo woodland friends spot a mysterious pile of snow decked out with funny objects which they put to use in unintended and highly original ways, proving that things are what you make of them One morning, a squirrel and a chipmunk find the oddest things stuck in a giant pile of snow Readers will

A Dog's Promise (A Dog's Purpose, #3)

A Dog's Promise (A Dog's Purpose, #3)A Dog s Promise continues the story of Bailey, the good dog whose journey started in A Dog s Purpose and continued in A Dog s Journey both major motion pictures This time, Bailey is joined by Lacey, another very special dog, who helps Bailey fulfill his promise over the course of several lives.

Hazel's Theory of Evolution

Hazel's Theory of EvolutionJust because you don t understand it doesn t make it illogical Hazel knows all about life on Earth She could tell you anything from what earthworms eat to how fast a turkey can run That s because when she s not hanging out with her best friend, Becca, or helping care for the goats on her family

A Wild Child's Guide to Endangered Animals

A Wild Child's Guide to Endangered AnimalsFrom New York Times bestselling author Millie Marotta comes this gorgeous celebration of the animal kingdom Highlights the plight of 43 endangered species from around the world Take a trip through freshwaters, oceans, forests, mountains, tundras, deserts, grasslands, and wetlands while learning

Freeing Finch

Freeing FinchFrom the author of Hurt Go Happy, winner of ALA s Schneider Family Book Award, comes Freeing Finch, the inspiring story of a transgender girl and a stray dog who overcome adversity to find love, home, and a place to belong When her father leaves and her mother passes away soon afterward, Finch

Effin' Birds: A Field Guide to Identification

Effin' Birds: A Field Guide to IdentificationEffin Birds is a new volume in the grand and noble profession of nature writing and bird identification This book contains than 150 pages crammed full of classic, monochrome plumage art paired with the delightful but dirty aphorisms think I m going to need booze to deal with this

No Judgments (Little Bridge Island, #1)

No Judgments (Little Bridge Island, #1)The storm of the century is about to hit Little Bridge Island, Florida and it s sending waves crashing through Sabrina Bree Beckham s love life When a massive hurricane severs all power and cell service to Little Bridge Island as well as its connection to the mainland twenty five year old Bree

Land of Wolves (Walt Longmire, #15)

Land of Wolves (Walt Longmire, #15)The new novel in Craig Johnson s beloved New York Times bestselling Longmire series It s the scenery and the big guy standing in front of the scenery that keeps us coming back to Craig Johnson s lean and leathery mysteries The New York Times Book Review Recovering from his harrowing

Arsenic in the Azaleas (Lovely Lethal Gardens #1)

Arsenic in the Azaleas (Lovely Lethal Gardens #1)Riches to rags Controlling to chaos But murder seriously After her ex husband leaves her high and dry, former socialite Doreen Montgomery s chance at a new life comes in the form of her grandmother, Nan s, dilapidated old house in picturesque Kelowna and the added job of caring for the

Dog Man (Dog Man, #1)

Dog Man (Dog Man, #1)George and Harold have created a new breed of justice one that is part dog, part man, and ALL HERO With the head of a dog and the body of a human, this heroic hound digs into deception, claws after crooks, rolls over robbers, and scampers after squirrels Will he be able to resist the call of