Asking For a Friend (Boyfriend Material #1)

Asking For a Friend (Boyfriend Material #1)I was only trying to help a friend I swear I was legit asking for a friend who was finally ready to date again I knew what she wanted in a man smart, funny, ambitious, well read no, the sports section doesn t count , and plays a wicked game of badminton So I did what any good friend would do.

Just a Bit Dirty (Straight Guys, #10)

Just a Bit Dirty (Straight Guys, #10)A ruthless CEO of a large company A British student confused about his sexuality They have nothing in common The sizzling attraction between them makes absolutely no sense When Miles Hardaway decided to spend the summer in America to get away from his overbearing family, the last thing he

Lust Hate Love (Fallen Angel, #4)

Lust Hate Love (Fallen Angel, #4)USA TODAY bestselling authors Brooke Blaine and Ella Frank continue the story of sexy Fallen Angel rockers Killian and Levi in LUST HATE LOVE As the sexy, charismatic bassist for world famous rock band Fallen Angel, whatever Killian Michaels wants, Killian Michaels gets Or at least that was the

The Hanged Man (The Tarot Sequence, #2)

The Hanged Man (The Tarot Sequence, #2)The last member of a murdered House tries to protect his ward from forced marriage to a monster while uncovering clues to his own past The Tarot Sequence imagines a modern day Atlantis off the coast of Massachusetts, governed by powerful Courts based on the traditional Tarot deck Rune Saint John,

A Lost Paige (Hidden Kingdom Trilogy #2)

A Lost Paige (Hidden Kingdom Trilogy #2)One, two, death is surrounding you Three, four, you ll fight even , Five, six, grab your crucifix, Seven, eight, learn of your fate, Nine, ten, battle every now and then Paige Alice knows heartache, yet she still has so much to deal with being the ghoul queen She ll have to pull up her

The Dichotomy of Angels

The Dichotomy of AngelsNathaniel and Chasan are no ordinary angels.Destiny chose them to be twin flames, fated mates But Nathaniel has avoided Chasan for nearly a thousand years.When sent to Earth on a mission to live and work together, Nathaniel comes face to face with his destiny Short tempered, petulant, and grumpy,

Boyfriend 101 (Fever Falls #6)

Boyfriend 101 (Fever Falls #6)CamdenI m a fun loving guy who doesn t take life too seriously If there s something I want, I go for it Why not Life s too short to slide into the grave with regrets But what I don t do is go for men who aren t out and proud Been there, done that The only real way to get to me is to hurt my

Made Marian Mixtape (Made Marian, #9)

Made Marian Mixtape (Made Marian, #9)The best mixtape always has a mix of favorites on it songs playing in the background at Jude and Derek s wedding or when Simone finally falls in love Loud beats pounding the dance floor when Blue tries to seduce Tristan in public, or sleepy notes written late at night while Jude is on tour.

The Night (Love in O'Leary #5)

The Night (Love in O'Leary #5)One night in Vegas I gave him my heart one day later, he broke it Look, I ve never claimed to be a nice guy I don t do pretty words, I don t give polite smiles, and I refuse to be sucked into the sappy bucket of sentimentality that is Christmas in small town O Leary Smiling neighbors, overly

Devil's Hour (Zero Hour, #2)

Devil's Hour (Zero Hour, #2)Devil s hour, noun the hour when the demon or devil who leads hell is at its strongest Born on the wrong side of the tracks, Royce Locke is no stranger to scrapping and fighting for the things he wants What he desires most is Sawyer Key his partner on the force and the man he s falling in love

Rialto (Unbreakable Bonds, #8)

Rialto (Unbreakable Bonds, #8)Someone has it out for Rialto Ian Banner is loving his hectic life He s newly married, ready to start a family, and opening a new restaurant All his dreams are coming true.The last thing he needs is a problem with his restaurant.But when one attack after another comes, he grows convinced he has

Unexpected (Inked, #3)

Unexpected (Inked, #3)Kyle needed a place to stay, he never thought it would turn into so much So, your gorgeous boss, Maverick, and his yummy husband, Ari, are letting you stay with them while you get back on your feet Here are a few simple tips Don t call his husband Daddy I know it ll be difficult, but

Angels Sing (Daddy Dearest, #2)

Angels Sing (Daddy Dearest, #2)Jamie Bailey has not had such a wonderful life He gave up his dreams of Harvard at 18 to raise his sister s unwanted baby, and later a prized job to help a sick friend Now the father of six year old Mia, and assistant manager at Raven Books, Jamie s dreams are dashed once again when Uncle Billy

Best Knight Ever (A Kinda Fairytale #4)

Best Knight Ever (A Kinda Fairytale #4)What if a warrior falls in love with his fiercest enemy For years, Trystan and Galahad fought on opposite sides of the brutal Looking Glass Campaigns Trystan is a gryphon, part of a winged race who battled Camelot s invasion of his homeland Galahad was a knight of Camelot, who helped his king

Red, White & Royal Blue

Red, White & Royal BlueGOODREADS CHOICE AWARD WINNER for BEST DEBUT and BEST ROMANCE of 2019 THE INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER that is a BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR for VOGUE, NPR, BOOKPAGE, and What happens when America s First Son falls in love with the Prince of Wales When his mother became President,