Blank 133x176

Blank 133x176Yusuf is on Death Row for murder Adrian had a lucky escape years earlier when he survived Yusuf s murderous assault during an afternoon of casual sex The story contrasts their different experiences of a divided pre Mandela country during its attempts at reconciliation.

Divide the Night (Yudel Gordon #2)

Divide the Night (Yudel Gordon #2)Johannesburg, South Africa, 1974 From the place where Cissy stood in the shadow of the used car dealer s sign, watching, she could see the door dearly She had passed it coming down the road and it had been open then Through the narrow opening she had been able to see the stack of biscuit boxes

Red Ink

Red InkWhen Lucy Khambule receives an unexpected call from a convicted serial killer, nicknamed The Butcher by the media, her life takes a dramatic turn The Butcher wants Lucy to tell his story Intrigued by his approach Lucy decides to take this opportunity to fulfill her dream of writing a book.

Random Violence (Jade de Jong, #1)

Random Violence (Jade de Jong, #1)In Johannesburg prosperous whites live in gated communities when they exit their cars to open the gates, car jackings are common But seldom is the victim killed, much less shot twice, like Annette Botha Piet Botha, the husband of the wealthy woman, is the primary suspect in his wife s murder P.I