A Beautiful Place to Die (Detective Emmanuel Cooper, #1)

A Beautiful Place to Die (Detective Emmanuel Cooper, #1)Award winning screenwriter Malla Nunn delivers a stunning and darkly romantic crime novel set in 1950s apartheid South Africa, featuring Detective Emmanuel Cooper a man caught up in a time and place where racial tensions and the raw hunger for power make life very dangerous indeed.In a morally co

Zoo Story: Life in the Garden of Captives

Zoo Story: Life in the Garden of CaptivesWelcome to the savage and surprising world of Zoo Story, an unprecedented account of the secret life of a zoo and its inhabitants, both animal and human Based on six years of research, the book follows a handful of unforgettable characters at Tampa s Lowry Park Zoo an alpha chimp with a weakness f

The Kingdom of Roses and Thorns

The Kingdom of Roses and ThornsThe Kingdom of Swaziland, in southern Africa, boasts breathtaking mountain ranges, friendly people and a peaceful political climate Scratch the surface, and one finds a country battling the ravages of the world s worst HIV AIDS epidemic, devastating poverty, and the lack of rights for women In Th

Lonely Planet South Africa Lesotho & Swaziland

Lonely Planet South Africa Lesotho & SwazilandSouth Africa is the most popular kid on the block in Africa and it s easy to see why The southern end of Africa teems with adventure hike, bike and fly amid craggy peaks and open plains, catch a tantalising glimpse of streakily painted zebras in the savanna, encounter the vibrant cultures of San,

When Hoopoes Go to Heaven

When Hoopoes Go to HeavenTen year old Benedict is feeling happy His family s new home in Swaziland has the most beautiful garden in the whole entire world, teeming with insects, frogs and his favourite cinnamon coloured birds Here, crouched in the cool shade of the lucky bean tree, it s easy to forget the loneliness that

Blank 133x176

Blank 133x176A fascinating portrait of Africa in the 50s a seminal book of its era as the author visits the pygmys and get to close quarters to wild gorillas From an era when man and the animal kingdom held an uneasy truce Moorehead s misgivings about this fragile ecology were sadly prophetic.

What The Future Holds

What The Future HoldsWhat the Future Holds follows the life of Lobenguni Kiki Mkhatshwa, a young Swazi woman of Nguni descent who, at the beginning of the novel, has brought her baby into town to confront the child s father, Menzi Dlamini Dlamini is a common Swazi clan name , at his place of work, in order to ensure

Pains of a Maid

Pains of a MaidThembani s love for Jan in the old South Africa was banned by law and social norm, but she knew in her heart that he loved her too Could they defy the forces ranged against them

Devilman's Jungle

Devilman's JungleWhile others have written about many of the rites and ceremonies described by the author, much of it is not available to the general public since it is buried deep in teh jungle of discourse and scholarship In other words, this is the first popular book to deal with the native African s conception

Among the Cities

Among the CitiesHere at last is a collection of the best work of Jan Morris, considered by many the preeminent travel writer of our age Reviewing her most recent book, The matter of Wales, the Christian Science Monitor wrote, With this book, Morris joins the immortals The splendors of the prose are like Homer s