Font Bloc : Volume 2, Fontainebleau Top Secret –

Font Bloc : Volume 2, Fontainebleau Top Secret Fontainebleau is the world centre for boulder style climbing, with thousands of boulders scattered throughout the majestic forest This nd volume covers all of the quieter areas that are deep in the forest TOP SECRET , hidden from the crowded hotspots The climbing in these areas is stunning, with overclassic circuits that comprise ofproblems The beautifully clear graphics andphoto topos, also allows for an additionaloff circuit problems to be included This book gives an exceptional level of detail with problem styles, heights, and even crash pad ratingsclimbing routesvenues beginner to expertquiet circuits away from the crowds, covering all standards Ultra modern graphics, andquality photo topos Ideal for indoor bouldering gym enthusiasts to explore outside Bi lingual guidebook, French and English This is the second in the series from Jingo Wobbly Font Bloc VolFun Bloc, coversproblems withcircuits

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