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Michelin Italy Tourist and Motoring Atlas This product is great, very detailed We should definately be able to find our way around Italy Unfortunately, as with all maps, it cannot all be on the same page, and you have to follow on other pages But as I already said great detail. Book by Michelin Travel Publications I drove all over Italy with this map in 2006, it didn t fail us once Our hotel was wayyyy out in the boonies, and it was difficult to find even with this map, but without the map we would have been doomed Try finding a map any map in any store in italy good luck If you plan on driving in Italy, better have this map, it will save you hours days of aggravation. Exactly what I needed for the Italian travel drink coasters that I made Thanks A very useful collection of maps to have in the car It was especially useful in navigating at the regional level However, the maps for some of the smaller cities are not as fully detailed as I would have liked If you need a fine level of detail consider buying a map specific to that area of Italy. What I like about this atlas is that it lies flat and is sturdyvery useful while driving in Italy and trying to determine if you should turn right or left at the intersection Remember that this is a MAPnot a guide book that will hold your hand and spell out for you what restaurant or museum is worth stopping atthose locations are clearly marked but it s up to you to do a little research or get out and explore on your ownmy pick when traveling The only thing that would make this atlas useful is if it included a concise guide to Italian road signsyou can find a great guide at but it would ve been nice to have it as part of the atlas. Driving maps for all of Italy in a single book I had misled myself into expecting a smaller scale for the maps, so these turned out to be the same as a couple of big fold up maps I already had They re good for general planning of routes, but not for detailed navigation in smaller towns Because the book is heavy I chose not to carry it on my trip I suppose high quality durable maps like these will dsappear completely as on line, scalable maps proliferate.

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En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre Michelin Italy Tourist and Motoring Atlas , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés auteurs dans le monde.

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