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Three friends walk you through their best Japanese recipesin expressive, humorous illustrations Cooking should be fun, and this highly entertaining Japanese cookbook for beginners is packed full of humor and whimsical illustrations Japanese Cooking with Manga started out as Gourmand Gohan, a hand drawn and hand bound edition that the three co authors circulated among their friends in Barcelona Each author has a unique take on Japanese food preparation, but they are all equally passionate about food and how it brings people together Simple, step by step Japanese food recipes are accompanied by hand drawn illustrations and commentary on each pagemaking this manga cookbook readlike a graphic novel than your average collection of recipes Information about Japanese culture and traditional Japanese cuisine are presented in a charming and accessible way, making learning a new style of cooking as educational as it is entertaining The colorful manga art and comic style stories within this illustrated cookbook will appeal to the serious foodie and experimental chef alike Easy home style recipes with a Japanese twist include Okonomiyaki Japanese Pizza Codfish Tempura Shogayaki Stir fried Pork with Ginger Ham and Cheese Potstickers And These three home cooks took on the world of Japanese food cultureand now, with the stories and recipes in this adventurous cookbook, so can you and your friends Japanese Cooking with Manga: The Gourmand Gohan Cookbook - 59 Easy Recipes Your Friends will Love!

About the Author: Alexis Aldeguer

Alexis Aldeguer was born in Elx Valencia, Spain and is currently living in la Vila de Gracia a neighborhood in Barcelona He is an illustrator and former supermarket shelf filler, a comic book fanatic and an apprentice in the art of making Paella He is also a regular consumer of war documentaries and loves arguing for entertainment purposes Maiko San is a neighbor from Penguin Village, a master chef and a spiritual guide, as well as a connoisseur of each and every Asian restaurant in Barcelona She gives away both wisdom and love by cooking for her friends Ilaria Mauro arrived in town from the green countryside of Brianza, in Lombardy She came to Spain to get a tan and never left She is a photographer, designer and a little bit of many things She collects patatas bravas and cozy spots where she likes to go to eat and chill out

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