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Sandworms of Dune by Brian Herbert (2008-03-20) Sandworms of Dune Livres NotRetrouvez Sandworms of Dune et des millions de livres en stock surAchetez neuf ou d occasionSandworms of Dune Herbert, Brian, AndersonBased directly on Frank Herbert s final outline, which lay hidden in two safe deposit boxes for a decade, Sandworms of Dune will answer the urgent questions Dune fans have been debating for two decades the origin of the Honored Matres, the tantalizing future of the planet Arrakis, the final revelation of the Kwisatz Haderach, and the resolution to the war between Man and Machine Sandworms of Dune Dune Wiki FandomSandworms of Dune Dune Chroniclesby Brian Sandworms of Dune Bookof the Dune Chronicles By Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson Based upon an outline by Frank Herbert A Dune Retrospective by Eric Allen Continuing the outline titled Duneleft by his father, Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson released this, the final volume in the Dune Saga There are those who love it, those that are indifferent to it, but manywho hate and criticize it Yes, I Sandworm Dune Wiki FandomSandworm Dune WikipediaSandworms of DuneHerbert, Brian, As the no ship Ithaca flees through space, the heroes of HUNTERS OF DUNE finally meet the Enemy who followed the violent fanatics, the Honored Matres, back to their universe The thinking machines vanquished by Serena Butler s jihad were not destroyed, only driven into exile and now, tens of thousands of years later, they are back

12 thoughts on “Sandworms of Dune by Brian Herbert (2008-03-20)

  1. Francois Lemaire Francois Lemaire says:

    Quel dommage que Franck Herbert n ait pas eu le temps de l crire lui m me Les deux crivains savent raconter une histoire, mais ils ne savent pas comme Franck Herbet amener de fa on subtile et graduelle les changements psychologiques des personnages ou les changements d

  2. Johan Splinter Johan Splinter says:

    The book is simply annoying and inconsistent with previous books i am sure there are parts of this story that would have acquired Frank Herbert s approval, but most is just linear extrapolation of what happened in Dune Heretics, combined with some craziness from Brian s

  3. Derek Johnson Derek Johnson says:

    Having re read the first 4 books in this series immediately followed by the next 4 books, I have to say that I found the whole series to be completely addictive The conclusion was very satisfying with the loose ends neatly tied together A great read.

  4. Oneless Oneless says:

    was a bit nervous about reading these books given some of the reviews but they aren t that bad.the ending is quite deus ex machina won t say so as not to spoil the story, and didn t seem to fit with Herberts ambitious universe Characters do some really odd a silly things

  5. DazAdams DazAdams says:

    Whilst initially sceptical of the sequels to the original 6 Dune books I was easily swept up in the story once again I have seen criticism levelled at these suggesting the writing to be not of the same standard My opinion is that they fit perfectly well and do great justic

  6. trevor collins trevor collins says:

    Ok so it s not Frank Herbert and we don t really know if the story line is what he had planned The story telling itself is clunky to say the least but we do get a finished piece I don t know if I m satisfied with the direction the story has evolved since Chapterhouse and th

  7. Bit previous Bit previous says:

    If you liked the Dune series written by Frank Herbertavoid everything after Chapterhouse The writing is very different , characters are barely sketched and plots feel manufactured The richness of Dune is betrayed in these later volumes and the difference in authorship is ver

  8. Ahmed A A Ahmed A A says:

    A long and rambling novel, that suddenly jumps to a contrived ending with everything getting wrapped up a little too neatly for a proper epic conclusion to Frank Herbert s Dunes series It s a semi epic ending, though I did enjoy the characters final fates.

  9. Peter Peter says:

    A great story of epic proportions that is also well written A shame that the culminating vision and philosophy merely reflect the old adage that we should all get along In this, the silver ships series surpasses the stumbling philosophy presented here and provides truly vision

  10. M. Miller M. Miller says:

    What can I say Im a Dune fan and I collect all the books They are worth a read Really good stories Reading all the books in order of time line is a must I love the new as well as the old.

  11. Fenellaj Fenellaj says:

    A very acceptable way to end the wondrousness that is Dune I particularly enjoyed the individual explanation of each of the main characters.

  12. Customer Customer says:

    Half decent read

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