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Pure Deep In The Heart Of Paris, Its Oldest Cemetery Is, By , Overflowing, Tainting The Very Breath Of Those Who Live Nearby Into Their Midst Comes Jean Baptiste Baratte, A Young, Provincial Engineer Charged By The King With Demolishing ItAt First Baratte Sees This As A Chance To Clear The Burden Of History, A Fitting Task For A Modern Man Of Reason But Before Long, He Begins To Suspect That The Destruction Of The Cemetery Might Be A Prelude To His Own

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  1. Elaine Elaine says:

    I ended up feeling a bit let down by Pure Miller is a luscious writer never a word wrong as he sketches a 1785 Paris that is about to boil over but hasn t yet He achieves a masterful balance between enough historical detail so that you can see, taste, and unfortunately smell the book s setting without ever se

  2. TheGirlBytheSeaofCortez TheGirlBytheSeaofCortez says:

    Pure, Andrew Miller s sixth novel, takes place in 1785, in Paris, as Normandy engineer Jean Baptiste Baratte is summoned to the Palace of Versailles There, Baratte, who is a graduate of the Ecole Royale des Ponts et Chauss es, is commissioned by the State to demolish the ancient cemetery beneath the church of

  3. Mark Mark says:

    But what is the significance of the elephant I don t understand about the elephant At one point, one of the characters says That is a metaphor , another responds A metaphor Where did you go to school And the first speaker answers Nogent le Rotrou.This little dialogue sums up part of my difficulties with this bo

  4. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    The stink of the Innocents is permeating the soil, the water, and the air of Paris The rotting remains of the overstuffed cemetery of les Innocents are leaching into the food and even the very skin and breath of the living inhabitants of the surrounding city The vast yard of bones and soupy remains is eroding in

  5. Siobhan Siobhan says:

    What a disappointment Miller could have done so muchwith this concept the destruction of Les Innocents in Paris Unfortunately, the novel is too short atrocious under development of character, a lack of any cultivated plot and a dismal amount of the ins and outs of the mechanics of such a project demolition of a c

  6. Susan Susan says:

    It was the subject matter that attracted me to this book, as it seemed so unusual, based on an actual event, the clearing of Les Innocents graveyard in Paris which had become what we would refer to nowadays as a health hazard.This gruesome task is undertaken by a young engineer who is commissioned to complete the

  7. Orsolya Orsolya says:

    Even though the number of historical fiction books rendering the time of the French Revolution appears endless Andrew Miller takes a different approach in Pure Following Jean Baptiste Baratte, an engineer contracted to get rid of Les Innocents a cemetery , the novel is rich with symbolism not necessarily found in a

  8. Pippa Pippa says:

    I had such high hopes for this book having read the reviews, seen the press coverage and of course the fact that it won the Costa book of year award Unfortunately I was left sorely dissapointed The novel just never seemed to progress or have any real spark about it I finished the book feeling that the plot was highl

  9. Vasco Simões Vasco Simões says:

    Diz na capa Se gostou de O Perfume n o perca esta obra e n o perdimas da a gostar vai um mundo O pretexto de transladar um cemit rio do centro de Paris em v speras da Revolu o Francesa parece me um pretexto de romance muito interessante mas fala se muito pouco sobre o tema central Tudo volta parece demasiado artifici

  10. Chrissie Chrissie says:

    I finished the audiobook version, narrated by Jonathan Aris, two days ago I had to in fact listen to the ending three times the details were confusing which kind of annoyed me I do think I understand the message that was being imparted by the final scene Anyway, what I most enjoyed about this book was its imagery You

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