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Witch Song A young witch Her loyal guardian And an evil that has driven all the witches into hiding.The hunters capture witches and bring them to their mistress, the dark witch She steals their nature magic, twisting it to bring about wicked storms, choking droughts, and drowning fog that has brought the world to its knees.When those hunters penetrate Brusenna s protected forest, she realizes an impossible truth she is the last witch.But Brusenna is not completely without friends Her handsome guardian, Joshen, will stop at nothing to keep her safe and prove his love.With the witch hunters closing in, Brusenna and Joshen set out on an epic, dangerous journey to free the other witches and defeat the dark witch If they fail, there won t be anything left to save.Can Brusenna save her fellow witches and defeat the dark magic Will she and her guardian find their happily ever after Download Witch Song by Amber Argyle to find out In WITCH SONG, Amber Argyle makes a riveting debut, creating a fresh new world full of wonder, peril, and splendor I found WITCH SONG to be positively engrossing from the first page to the last David Farland, NYT Bestselling Author THE FAERYS VIEWAmber Argyle has written a novel, Witch Song that had me so thoroughly engrossed that my own world almost ceased to exist The only world I cared about was that which she so artfully created and crafted in Witch Song Ms Argyle s story of a young witch s journey through dangerous lands during even dangerous times held me utterly mesmerized Witch Song was Bewitchingly Beautiful and the tempo of the story sang to me long after I had finished it.The story of Senna Brusenna is that of a young untrained witch, one who is ignorant of her heritage and covenant with those like her To use magic, Senna and her mother, Sacra, use song to sing to nature There is so very much that her mother has not told her and importantly, not taught her When her mother leaves with another witch, saying only that if she is gone for a while that Senna must follow her written instructions, Senna is left feeling lonely and abandoned with only her huge wolf hound, Bruke to protect and keep her company.With all the Keepers witches those who keep the seasons as they should be are captured by the evil Espen who is controlling the weather, everything in nature is affected People will starve from droughts animals from land to sea will die because Espen is changing the natural order of the seasons The time comes when Senna must embark on a journey far from home that will change the fate of the world and all of its inhabitants although she doesn t realize this at the start of her journey, she is the world s only hope Senna soon realizes that she needs help Senna fears getting close with anyone for getting close to somebody only leads to heartbreak when they inevitably leave and they always leave Just like her father, her sister who died as a babe and then her mother Whether they want to leave or not, they leave Senna and Senna is left with a broken heart Better to keep people away to begin with then to let them get close only to lose them Senna must put aside her fears and learn to trust her heart and the risk With trusty Bruke in tow, Senna finds that along her journey she will meet many people on the way that will help her at their own peril but there is one in particular who has the power to break her heart With Sennas courageous and compassionate heart, she feels every loss meant to protect her but despite her fears, her compassion and evil on her tail at every turn, Senna knows she must prevail or lose the world to the treacherous Espen who would enslave all with her greed and malevolence while destroying the world in the process She must set the Keepers free Ms Argyle describes each character in Witch Song with such depth, intensity and uniqueness that they become step off the page realistic They become your friends or your enemies Their happiness is your happiness, their fears are yours and their tears I ll just say, some tissues would be handy The journey that Senna takes is breathtaking in its beauty and portrayal Ms Argyle is a master with vivid descriptives that transport you from a rainy dirt road to a lush humid jungle Much to my delight, Witch Song was everything I thought it would be and A One Sit Read, the highest honor this reviewer can give and a multiple read, which I reserve for only a few books Amber Argyle is unbelievable as a debut author and I can only imagine what the next in Witch Songs series holds in store for us I cannot wait Okay, so first things first I have to share a grievance that I experienced just to get this all off of my chest I had already written quite a long review for this book and for two others, as well Now, my dear Goodreaders for the sake of my anguish over all of this I m going to assume that all of you are wondering, well what happened then, Cait Well, my friends, my computer decided to be a prick and randomly turned off in the middle of finishing typing up my last review, so if you still aren t connecting the dots, they are all..all gone hangs head and now, I have to re write them all Sigh I m not exactly happy about it, but here goes my re write of this review hopefully it s as good as the previous one Now I know I m in a bit of a minority here with this book with the average rating being 4.26, which is very high for this site and almost no reviews that I could see were under four stars but I didn t find this book all that special or even super enjoyable Sure, there were things that I thought Argyle did well in this series, but it just wasn t enough for me to give it higher than three stars, and here s why Brusenna, the main character of this book, was quite the annoying hypocrite for well over half of the book She is so upset at her mother for hiding things from her and alienating people that could have helped them, mostly because of pride So you would think that, when a situation arises where she has the opportunity to befriend someone or not be so secretive, she would grab at the chance to do so, but she doesn t Instead, she does the one thing that she seems to hate so much, and pushes away people who are just trying to help her even doing it over four times to the same person I will talk about this specific case later in the review Then there was something even infuriating every time she sends someone away, she wails, don t hate me, I can t lose you as a friend, too I don t have many image error Imagine you re on an obstacle course You brave snakes, quicksand, cliffs, zombies, mermaids, sea monsters, and poisonous plants the king s soldiers, archers, secretaries, horses, and palace mice foreign Customer Service helpline assistants a hurricane, and, finally, Godzilla and his lawyer in court.You re at the end of the obstacle course, and you re waiting for the double whammy to arrive After all, throughout your journey you suffered and nearly died countless times, so you expect nothing less than an atomic bomb at the end Right RIGHT But you arrive at the end, and this is what you find view spoiler image error Here s the short version if you haven t picked up this book yet, you should do it ASAP And now, the long version Witch Song is simply beautiful In this riveting debut novel about witches, magic, love, good and evil, Amber Argyle combines superb writing and incredible world building and character development with a storyline that s both fast paced and smooth at the same time It s a page turner One that you will definitely want to re read once you re done It s one of those books that really touch your heart and fuel your imagination It s very rare to find a novel especially a debut that has this many things going for it Enchanting atmosphere, well drawn characters, beautiful settings, and most importantly, really good, gripping plot line all this makes Witch Song a very promising beginning to a new exciting YA fantasy series Away from the village, in the midst of a deep forest, is a house where two witches a mother and a daughter lead a quite existence They live far away from other people because they re not welcome in the village The villagers have no respect for witches, they fear and hate what they don t understand the witches magic and their way of life The only time when Brusenna and her mother go to the village is when they run out of food and the hunger forces them to visit the local market Other than that the two witches prefer to stay in their house, with the pathway leading to it magically hidden by the witch song Brusenna is a young and powerful witch, who doesn t yet realize her full potential Her mother, intent on keeping her daughter safe, decided to move away from Haven an Island where all the witches live and practice magic Brusenna hasn t been taught much about magic she knows how to sing singing equals weaving a spell , but the songs she s been taught are only the basic and most essential ones She hardly knows anything about witches and their history, either To protect her, her mother kept every witch related thing a secret But destiny has a way of catching up with us Brusenna s ignorance of magic and the witch world turns out to be dangerous than her mother ever thought it would be When all the other witches including her mother are captured by the evil Dark Witch, Brusenna is the only one left She s the last witch, the only person in the whole world that is powerful enough to face her mother s captor and save the world from destruction The only problem is, she knows next to nothing about magic and there s no one left to teach her Witch Song is a charming, compelling book about growing up, and discovering yourself and your true purpose in life It s a vibrant story, full of action and adventure, with a sprinkle of love and a whole lot of sparkling magic And it s not just any magic, it s my favorite kind of magic The sweet, beautiful, breath taking magic, with the spells sang to life rather than recited from a book There are no magic wands in the Witch Song, no huge toms of magic, no brooms, crooked noses and no pointy hats In the world created by Mrs Argyle, the witches are simply women who can weave spells with the power of their voice They sing and the world listens It s fascinating I really loved the concept of singing the spells it reminded me of another favorite YA fantasy of mine the Witchlanders by Lena Coakley If someone asked me which of these two books I liked better, I think I wouldn t be able to choose, because these are two totally different flavors of fantasy Witch Song is definitely girly, with the lead protagonist being a vulnerable, fragile, lovely girl and the romance thing going on in the background I loved Witchlanders for the world building, fantastic characters and unique, romance free plot line, but I also loved Witch Song for being so absolutely mesmerizing and heart warming And as much as I m sick of the silly love stories in the recent Young Adult books, the romance part of Witch Song didn t bother me at all It was well balanced and didn t appear to be forced or out of place The chemistry between Brusenna and Joshen was quite electrifying and I admit, I got goose bumps once or twice while reading about them Most importantly, it wasn t overdone or rushed, it actually looked quite believable and natural I really liked that Senna didn t lose her head over Joshen Sure, she loved him and they were very adorable together, but at the same time she stayed focused on her task She also knew that sometimes you need to sacrifice your own happiness for a greater good that s definitely one of her best qualities Amber Argyle created a fascinating and detailed world Quite a big part of the story takes place out in the ocean, while the characters are traveling from one destination to another The setting is beautiful and fantastically described All the places and characters are vivid and realistic, and thanks to Argyle s evocative language it s easy to imagine them My favorite side kick character was Pogg a weird creature, with a cute and funny way of speaking that made it impossible not to love him This book is a great fantasy read If you re looking for a book packed with badass action, where the main character spends most of the time covered in his or his opponent s blood then this might not be the book for you But, if you want a thoughtful look at magic, a book that is filled with adventures yet manages to be very sweet and charming at the same time, then this is definitely a book you ll enjoy I know that I did It is rare to find books that immediately sweep you into their world, plunging you head first through a tale filled with intensity so real you can feel it These are the books I crave the stories I seek find once in a blue moon such is Witch Song Ms Argyle s work is vivid, gripping, elegantly written fills it s reader with a yearning for Superbly original, it was such a breath of fresh air to the fantasy genre, I ve not read anything quite like it before this book stands alone.Witch Song will not be a book that gathers dust on your shelves rather, you will finish it within a few hours of beginning, you will read it again you ll find yourself lending it to your unfortunate, sad friends who have yet to be ensnared by it s bewitching pages I sincerely hope Ms Argyle plans to release a sequel to Witch Song I ll be waiting with baited breath Ashley L Knight, author of Fins Fathom The FINS Trilogy I went into this book with low expectations, so it impressed me by the end, but looking back the fact is that it s still basically mediocre Maybe developing would be a better term as with many first novels, especially self published first novels, there are indications here of talent that just needs polish and practice And because it s a first novel and a quick check of her author page tells me Argyle s written a lot in the meantime, and probably honed her skills a great deal I don t want to be too hard on it It was a fun read, after all.The stand outs Bru Senna s characterization falls into some patterns of self deprecation followed by external reinforcement from her love interest that I know a lot of people are annoyed by, and that normally I would be too but here it was actually backed up by her experiences of prejudice in canon Someone who s been treated like garbage all her life is going to be skittish about strangers, and someone who sees her life as less valuable is going to devalue it constantly It made sense, and while Argyle s depiction could have been subtle, Senna definitely read like someone who d dealt with abuse to me Depictions of class inequality in Tartan I wasn t expecting this book to actually address major social issues, but it did, even if the terminology was awkward Surely, surely there are better epithets than Boors , Middlings , and Class Grey morality There are some choices made at the end that were considerably harsh and nuanced than I expected from this book, and which promise consequences later in the series These are bold choices in a first novel, and I m cautiously impressed Senna s feelings on relationship with her mother aren t all sweetness and light, nor entirely anger, and that was well handled and interesting I do wish there d been resolution of that in the ending a lot of the denouement involved people treating Senna like an incompetent child even though she d saved their lives, which was frustrating to read but it was a nice touch.The downsides okay, the romance is bland I m kind of okay with it being bland as opposed to the kind of steaminess that takes over a narrative and the heroine s mind , and I m fine with the the hero not being a total dreamboat in the looks department, but it motivates some major choices at the end of the book and I just didn t careeeeee Yadda yadda, do the same lovestruck stupid things every YA protagonist does wake me up when it s over and you re done dry humping in the enemy s stronghold Pair the spares Stop it, authors Not every character and especially not every female characters, since they get this a lot needs to have a romantic happily ever after They can just be characters, you know solve one girl s insecurity by putting down someone else hahaha hahahahahahaha HAHAHAHAHAHA NO The resolution of one of the main conflicts is a literal deus ex machina, and that after so much buildup of Senna s strength and efforts to tell us she could do it herself nope.The Takeaway I m not interested in the rest of this series, and I don t think I d recommend it, but I might try Argyle s later work sometime and see if a little practice and polish has straightened out some of these knots. Here is a story about a book that stood out at work and I said to myself, self you should read this book then I came home to add it to GR and it appears I d already had said conversation with myself weeks before already appearing in my to read Since the ground work was already laid out I went and purchased and started reading it immediately I think the best parts of the book are how natural it feels Honestly I could ve sworn I heard the music playing in my head as I read the pages of this book It was really fun I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the universe and the characters that lived in it There were times where I was literally laughing out loud and then thought how cool but unlikely to do properly some moments were One of my favorites by far was Espen s instruction Somehow even after you ve heard the whispers meeting her was just as awesome and petrifying Loved it Clearly as a first novel for Argyle it is setup as continued tale but doesn t pull you along begrudgingly, I absolutely want to keep reading about Brusenna and the Keepers I know it will be a ride I enjoy with many of the little questions in the back of my mind hopefully having a nice continuation for the witches.Fully recommended to anyone who is a fan of witches and the like I d even go as far as music lovers because I promise you may find yourself trying to sing the songs just as the witches do hopefully you won t be in public but don t say I didn t tell you so. I m small and plain Desni shot her a look of disbelief You re a beautiful girl, Senna More so because of how rare your features are Those golden eyes But when compared to someone like Ciara You compare diamonds to rubies Rubies may be a bit flashy, but diamonds are made of tougher stuff and are rare Yeah, it s that type of book, y all.Allow me share with you a stanza from one of my favorite songs Well let me tell you bout the way she lookedThe way she d act and the colour of her hairHer voice was soft and coolHer eyes were clear and brightBut she s not there lyrics from The Zombies She s Not There Look at the cover for this book It s a beautiful one, as are the lyrics above, and both tells you so much about this book.You see a girl, an absolutely stunning young woman, barely past the cusp of puberty Innocence and naivet shines from her eyes, purity glistens off her rose tinted lips Her cheeks are dusted pink with the breath of angels.This young Witch is as beautiful, as golden fair as the last kisses of sunlight on the horizon at dusk Her enormous doe eyes are wide open, limpid withblank incomprehension.And there s absolutely nothing to her than that.WE RE WITCHES, BITCHES Brusenna and her mother are the dumbest witches who ever lived Her mother has a condition that many mothers in literature suffer It is called lol i ain t telling u nothin bitch itis Lol i ain t telling u nothin bitch itis symptoms may include not telling you daughter a single fucking thing about who she is despite the fact that the Big Terrible Secret might kill her keeping everything a secret like your life depends on itoh wait, your life DOES depend on it ignorance is bliss because if your daughter doesn t know that there are people out to kill her, it means she s totally fucking safe, right keeping yourself holed up in a hollow where nobody can see you in order to disguise the fact that you are witches and pulling that Mary Mary Quite Contrary verdant garden growing shit when the rest of the country is suffering from a horrible drought because that shit ain t obvious at all being the worst secret keeper ever because your daughter accidentally overhears you talking about a Big Terrible Secret because you won t keep your fucking voice down to a whisper when talking about your Big Terrible Secret with Super Secret Witch Friend running the fuck away without telling your 14 year old YES, 14 YEARS OLD daughter anything besides the fact that she should run in case people come after her, because that works every time, right If you or someone you know suffer from these symptoms, it is possible that you may have lol i ain t telling u nothin bitch itis Please contact the local executioner so that they can remove your defective fucking DNA from the human gene pool Or rather, witch gene pool Do Not Judge a Witch Until You ve Walked 1000 Fucking Miles in Her Shoes Anyway, Brusenna is in danger GRAVE DANGER She travels all around the country.That s it You might as well read the fucking Hobbit because this book is composed of um, traveling, and getting caught, then traveling some , then getting caught, then traveling some , and then, oh, we re actually stopping for 5 minutes to live with some frog dude, and then traveling some , and then getting caught.Did I mention that they travel a lot, and they get caught a lot Because that s THE EXTENT OF THIS ENTIRE FUCKING BOOK NOTHING HAPPENS This book might as well be a travel brochure for the country of Nefarie and Tartan.Yes, Nefarie and Tartan Countries in this book.The Writing Fucking terrible This book is just so juvenile The writing is suffers from a severe case of telling, not showing, and the writing is suited to a children s book than a YA audience because it is so emotionless, so staccato The descriptions leave me absolutely cold He was tall head and shoulders taller than her Thin, but in a strong way He had a crop of brown hair that hung low over his forehead His legs bowed out at the knees probably from riding so much He had a permanent wrinkle around his eyes, as if he never stopped smiling long enough for the lines to smooth out He was smiling at her now Oh, oh, my My panties are getting so wet Such handsome looks Oh, my feels They are just all over the place Not.Magic Must Rhyme Yes, it s that type of magic There is no training for Brusenna s magical use within the book Senna practices by singing And it is only a practice in telling, not showing, because a year goes by and WHOO BRUSENNA IS MAGICALLY STRONGER How the FUCK Where s all the hard work The magical setting in this book is laughable.There is no system for the magic in the book besides the fact that you re born with it And apparently, if it rhymes, it works Whoooooooo Oh, Sister Sea Plants, I ask of thee,Take me to the place none but Witches see For fuck s sakes The rhymes in this book, the magic shit is so utterly laughable Brusenna is a witch that sings, her power comes from songs, she can control the plants for no fucking reason at all Corn, stop the men who hold me tight,Bind them though they fight She has the power to sing to the plants and to nature, to bend them to her will And the poems the spellsthey are just terrible, laughable ones Plants of the forest, make a path for me,For through this forest I must flee.After I pass, hide my trail,For an enemy I must quell Deus ex fucking Machina And naturally, this use of magic means that deus ex fucking machina is rampant throughout the book.They get captured They escape They get captured AGAIN They escape They get captured YET AGAIN They escape Plants, with strength and swiftness, come to me,For with my companions I must flee Whenever you re in danger of death, torture, or whatever shit that might wrinkle Brusenna s pretty little forehead, MAGIC TO THE FUCKING RESCUE Fucking spare me, please Senna is the Name of a Laxative It really is And it s rather fitting that she is named after a plant with laxative properties, because Brusenna, her personality and her character is full of shit.She is beautiful, without knowing it He saw a face set against a dark cloak Wisps of blonde hair, wavy from the moist air, fell across her breast Her lips were full The book takes every fucking opportunity to remind us that Senna is so diminutive in stature, so small, so delicate Before she could change her mind, she snatched her wrap from its hook and flung it around her narrow shoulders Her small hands, her tiny hands Her straw colored hair Her odd colored eyes So ugly, right Not.Senna is not a fucking warrior, she is a magical Barbie doll.She is magical, without knowing it She is born to be strong She has innate magical powers I ve heard her When she s fully come into her own, I wouldn t doubt she ll be at least a Level Four She is a rare witch, the last of her kind My guess is you might be the only Witch left Brusenna the Blushing Badass, Senna is not Senna is so completely childish She starts off the book at 14, and she matures to 17 before the book is through, but believe me when I say she feels like a very immature 12 year old She stammers She blushes She flushes Her heart beats pitter patter Her heart skips a beat The blood rushes to her cheeks She can t bear her emooooooootions, maaaaaaan The blood drained from Senna s face She blushed Her hands were shaking too badly her voice shaking with desperate hope and fear A tremor shook her to her bones Tears slipped from her eyes faster than she could wipe them.Oh, the tears Save us from hysterical females Brusenna cries a motherfucking river Brusenna sank to the floor, buried her face in her quilt and sobbed Senna s sobs increased She took a strangled, gasping breath and then a sob finally tore free.Just stop Stop.Senna is some bark, no bite And it ain t exactly the bark of a big, rough bitch see what I did there , like the yipping of the tiny useless ankle nipping fucking chihuahua down the street that you secretly long to punt into the nearest hot dog bun to see whether it fits.Animal fans, please don t hate me for that simile.She is indecisive She has no action plan Joshen lowered his voice Then how ll you find it I ll find it, she assured him Oh, WELL THAT EXPLAINS A LOT You re just going to magically find it, eh Spare us from your motherfucking feelings and instints She didn t know how to explain it, but the song felt right Overall Trust me, I have a whole lot complaints, but I ll keep it short because this review is getting way too fucking long The plot is boring as fuck The characters are dumb as fuck The romance is nonexistent, but it s of the WAAAAAAAAH I LOVE YOU BUT WE CAN T BE TOGETHER BECAUSE EVERYONE I LOVE DIES GO, GO, DEAR HEART I WILL GAZE AT YOU LONGINGLY FROM AFAR 1 1 Mwah mwah mwaaaaah gag They escape from so many fucking instances of capture because they are followed by two of the most incompetent fucking witch hunters who ever walked the Earth The two men Garg and Wardof are straight out of Monty Python in their incompetency Bringing his bruised face closer, Wardof beckoned Garg toward him You wanna do something to stop me, you dull, fat, laughable excuse for Espen s Servant The plot is ludicrous The two Brusenna and love interest Joshen don t know the meaning of subtlety if it danced in front of them wearing pink tasseled pasties and a strap on dildo They don t know how to disguise their tracks at all, WHICH IS WHY THEY KEEP GETTING CAPTURED.Motherfucking idiots. These witches can control nature, which is cool and to be expected with a witchy pagan tale But it s how they do it that wasn t my fav They sing and throw seeds Every spell requires they sing a cutesy little rhyme, and they have to be pitch perfect When Brusenna is sing fighting at her enemies, it seems so hokey, I cringed every time My main problem with this book was the villains were shallow Too many punches were pulled And the romance was juvenile, which would ve been okay, had it not ended in an engagement It felt inappropriate to me.There was something very rote and dry and about the writing I couldn t feel the author s joy or enthusiasm in the story she was telling me It was like cake without the frosting Or salad without the dressing A knee without cartilage Or a painting that only manages to convey a recognizable image, but it doesn t make you feel anything Not my cup of tea.

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Bestselling author Amber Argyle writes young adult fantasies where the main characters save the world with varying degrees of success and fall in love with the enemy Her award winning books have been translated into numerous languages and praised by such authors as NYT bestsellers David Farland and Jennifer A Nielsen.Amber grew up on a cattle ranch and spent her formative years in the rodeo

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