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The Maya (Ancient Peoples & Places) Professor Coe incorporates the latest ideas and research in a fast changing field Spectacular tomb discoveries at the city of Copan reveal some of the early artistic and architectural splendours at this major site New finds here and elsewhere entail a complete reinterpretation of the relationship between the warrior kings of the classic Maya lowlands and Teotihuacan, the greatest city of pre Conquest America Continuing epigraphic breakthroughs decipherments of Maya inscriptions demonstrate vividly the shifting power blocs among the competing Maya city states

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  1. Nicky Nicky says:

    Reviewed for The Bibliophibian.There s no denying that Michael Coe is one of the foremost scholars of the Mayan world, and that this is known for being a prime text to introduce people to the Mayan world in an academic sense rather than a frivolous clearly they were inspired by aliens or other such conspiracy theory sense The volume is beautifully illustrated with

  2. Jacques Coulardeau Jacques Coulardeau says:

    The Greatness of the Maya before ethnocide and genocideThe main interest of this book is that it follows the standard history of the Maya from beginning to end and city after city The index is then very useful to follow one particular city or one particular reference Each case is both described in what has survived, in what we can know about them and what has been s

  3. Erik Graff Erik Graff says:

    This was the best of the introductory books I ve read about the Maya Coe is a clear and engaging writer, excellent as a popularist Newer editions are much updated as the Mayan script has since been decyphered For an account of that see his Breaking the Mayan Code.

  4. Sarah - All The Book Blog Names Are Taken Sarah - All The Book Blog Names Are Taken says:

    My Blog The Book Nook s always a bummer when I think I am really interested in a topic and then after one book about said topic, I am completely unsure if my interest is waning or if the writing is just that dry dull etc.In this case, I think it is that the writing is just that dry and I felt like I was reading a textbook Now, before you say, But it s non fiction I sh

  5. MG Mason MG Mason says:

    I always like to have a factual book on the go at the same time as a fiction and though books like this are generally oftenwork than pleasure, I must say that this was a pleasurable read as an introduction to a subject I previously knew very little about.Quite possibly the most comprehensive book written on The Maya to date It reads well both for a general audience and

  6. Bob Nichols Bob Nichols says:

    Coe gives a good overview of the Mayans Though he refers to the Mayans as one ethnic group, the book describes their great diversity, as might be expected from a people who lived across Guatemala, Belize, central Mexico, and the Yucatan Coe divides Mayan history into several periods, beginning with the Archaic 3,000 1,000 BCE and ending with the post Classic A.D 925 150

  7. Alex Alex says:

    Extremely dense think of this as a textbook but apparently the most comprehensive collection of information about the Maya So says Jared Diamond, who says so in the Further Reading section of Collapse How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed I learned a lot but it was slow going.Fun trivia you know that 2012 bs ETA we ve all forgotten this but there were some nutjobs who

  8. Al Al says:

    Pretty good read and a decent overview of the Maya It is profusely illustrated with photographs and line drawings, and a very good section on the calendar and the Long Count A big frustration with this book is that Coe will describe an architectural feature, or a piece of jade work, or a stela in terms that make the reader acknowledge its importance, but there s no pictur

  9. Loran (Inked with Curiosity) Loran (Inked with Curiosity) says:

    The Maya was a textbook I read for my Archaeology of Mexico class and I actually read the entire thing I am very proud of this haha I thought that the book was informative and also simple enough where a student or a leisure reader could pick it up and have no trouble getting into it The book was full of beautiful pictures, some full color and was also very comprehensive in

  10. Ricardo Ricardo says:

    I m read this in preparation for the lecture I have to give on SAS this May, and I m very impressed with how thorough and accessible it is I also like that Coe is up front about what is unknown and or debatable, and gives differing opinions about controversial questions.

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