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The Comforts Of Madness Winner of theWhitbread Award, The Comforts of Madness is narrated by a catatonic who never speaks To the rest of the world he is an inert body and is subjected to a variety of experiments, but his own consciousness is vital and reflective This novel draws attention to the fact that we can never really be sure what is going on in the minds or imaginations of people who are unable to express themselves The reader feels helpless to stand up for the injustices Peter is subjected to Ultimately, this novel is a good example of descriptive prose that highlights the alienation of the characters from the so called normal life

About the Author: Paul Sayer

He is a former psychiatric nurse See

10 thoughts on “The Comforts Of Madness

  1. Jim Jim says:

    Contrary to what I had long been pleased to imagine he was not blind Merely indolent Samuel Beckett, Enough This book has been compared to Kafka a The Hunger Artist The Sunday Times and Camus The Outsider The Times and I can see where those reviewers are coming from but it was Kirkus Review that encapsulated my own thoughts when it said

  2. Amie Amie says:

    THE COMFORT OF MADNESS is a strange, bleak and dark novel I do think it is skilfully written I work in a mental health home as a support worker and I sometimes saw slight glimpses of the residents at my home when reading about Peter s experience in this novel It shows the ignorance of some people towards mental illness I completely agree with w

  3. Claire Fuller Claire Fuller says:

    Probably 3.5 stars Very quick, very short a novella really I liked how it was often unclear what was happening to Peter, the narrator Peter is in a catatonic state after a childhood trauma and while he is aware of everything going on around him is either unable or chooses not to enter back into the world Peter has to piece together where he is being t

  4. Hannah Hannah says:

    The Comforts of Madness is a short book but one that left an impression on me I am training to be a mental health nurse and I think The Comforts of Madness should be essential reading for anyone going into psychiatry The story is a bleak one with veins of futility running all the way through, especially in regards to Peter s condition Health professionals of

  5. Annmarie Boyd Annmarie Boyd says:

    MovingWhen an author is capable of touching the reader in the way this one does, it seems the very reason we write and read these kinds if tales This kind of read brings about a great deal of self reflection on our own lives, as well our own mortality and our fear or acceptance of that as a human being at least this is what it did for me Thank you for this, Paul Sa

  6. Steffen Jack Steffen Jack says:

    Nothing like the description A dark and creepy read excellent Minus one star for the short length.

  7. Elcin Kurtulus Elcin Kurtulus says:

    Can t tell if I m supposed to sympathise with the narrator I really hope I m not because I found him borderline revolting

  8. Pagulane Pagulane says:

    Paul Sayer Hullumeelsuse m nud LR, 1997 14 15.Teos on lesehitatud pigem tavap ratule mina jutustaja perspektiivile Mina jutustaja ja ksiti s ndmuste keskel olevaks protagonistiks on Peter, kelle keha on liikumatu, kuid hing sees ergas, k niline, ksk ikne Ta ei saa r kida kuigi paljud leiavad ta olevat simulandi ning sunnivad teda r gi n d ometi midagi Lugejana tean, mis ta sees reaalse

  9. fati fati says:

    aku termasuk orang yang tak terlalu suka membaca sebuah buku yang lagi ngetrend dibaca banyak orang jadi, buruknya, saat berada di tengah tengah mereka, aku suka blank Pbtw, buku ini mungkin akan sulit ditemukan di toko toko buku saat ini aku juga ga sengaja ketemu dan langsung kepingin baca di sela sela membaca buku ini, aku tiba tiba teringat seorang psikolog kawan Ayah pernah berkata begin

  10. Perry Whitford Perry Whitford says:

    Slim, unusual insight into the mind of a catatonic mental patient, utterly withdrawn due to trauma and lack of will yet aware of everything external, fighting a long term battle with the doctors and their methods to care for and cure him.Sayer worked as a staff nurse in a psychiatric hospital, so he no doubt based much of what he writes on first hand testimony This being the case, his experiences mu

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