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エマ (I've decided to keep only this volume here, to save space and will use this one to review the whole series, which I will do when it's a right moment for it I can alread say that this series is very much worth owning and you get a great sense of the world of that time from it :) ) On a manga binge presently, CAN'T STOP WON'T STOP EDIT As a child, I loved the anime of Emma and since I missed quite a few number of episodes, reading the seven volumes filled all the story holes I had I love how the manga is set in Victorian England (graphic novel and historical romancetwo of my favourite things combined kyaaaaaa) I love how along with being a romance, it explores the difference between the social classes of that time The art is exquisite Also, lesbian housemaids! I wish they were givenscreen space :( [[This is a review of all seven volumes:]]I am officially onboard for any of Kaoru Mori's future projects.The author's zeal for the era of her focus is blindingly evident and her rendering of its particulars exhibit such attention and joy that it's hard not to get swept up by the objects of her affections Let's be clear In real life, I have no interest in late19thcentury Britain's class disparity or in maids Yet due to Mori's work here, I was absolutely engaged for the whole seven volumes, finishing them over the course of a day If she decides to write something furhter on the matter, I'm certain to be drawn in again.Mori's storytelling is impressive The line of her art perfectly suits her subject matter; it's crisp and confident She includes any number of silent scenes that allow the reader to pause and take in the full scope of what is occurring within theintrospective parts of her characters Keeping the reader involved, Mori uses a number of visual devises, requiring one to pay attention to camera angles and character details The storytelling occurs as much through visual relief as it does through verbal narrative and dialogue.Emma is chiefly the story of Emma and William This is a romance and we see them meetcute, fall for each other in that stereotypically understated Victorian way, encounter difficulties due their class distinctions, and finally resolve their relationship It's a lovely little story As mentioned, Emma is the story of Emma and William And as such, Mori leaves every other story untold It's easy to see how one could be frustrated with as many loose ends as Mori leaves untied for her supporting characters' part, but for me that just added to the wonder of the story Because of Mori's reluctance to end all stories with the conclusion of Emma and William's story, she keeps Emma from being yet oneexample of a horribly contrived romance That said, I am thirsty to knowof the lives of the other characters Eleanor Hans and Adele All of the Jones family More, ,Please. Two words: Victorian London I was extremely impressed with the detail in Mori’s drawings of Victorian England; it certainly wasn’t something I was expecting to find in Japanese Manga Yet, nothing happens in the first volume of this series and the whole plot is very cliché female servant resists the advances of a man higher up in the social rungs than her while he falls further and further in love with her only to be married off to someone of the same class The relationships between Emma, her employer, and William are implausible for Victorian England, and I find it hard to believe that so many men would propose marriage to Emma The characters speak in today’s tongue while maintaining a albeit beautifully drawn period setting and costuming Wonderfully drawn with great attention to detail, but the plot lacks substance and originality. Rating this manga was very difficult for me I liked it, definitely Its so refreshing to read a slow, refined romance like this after all the recent YA instalurve And its set in Vicotorian London! Such a romantic era.This manga's namesake, Emma, is a nice, hardworking and diligent maid to widow, Mrs Kelly Stower, who was also the governess of William Jones Now William here, belongs to a rich merchant family trying to rise in the gentry They fall in love And the main Plot of the series, for now, revolves around this: This could have been a very boring manga but Kaoru Mori somehow pulls it off The plot progression and writing style is flawless And Kaoru Mori has really done her research about 19th century Britain Be it the language, the clothes, traditions, houses, cars, roads, everything! And her drawing is so clearcut and clean Wikipedia says, Emma is drawn in a meticulously crosshatched pen and ink style, and Mori is noted for the depth and accuracy of her research in creating the characters and settings And I agree Her drawings are absolutely beautiful And we all know, No romance is complete without a little love triangle So we have Hakim: Indian prince, who is eccentric, exotic and totally hot! Although there is not much of a triangle because Emma is totally into William Now why I didn't give this a 5star (which it clearly deserved) was this: I understand the fascination with dark skinned, scantly clad women from a distant country who worship blue gods with a third eye and everything but come on! The author has done so much research on Britain, she could've spared a couple of hours on India! Apparently, Hakim is always tailed with a miniharem And these girls/maids whatever never show any emotion! How is it that English maids are capable of love and education and feeling hurt and Indian maids are just props to a prince ?!! They literally have no other expression except this! And while we are at it, what the hell is this?! Aaarrgh!! Am I reading into it too much? Maybe But I didn't like the undertone of this stereotyping Its a mix of sexism AND racism bah! I am still a fair person so I'll give it a 4star because the rest of it was perfect (~..)~ The saga begins In Victorian England, a young girl named Emma is rescued from a life of destitution and raised to become a proper British maid When she meets William, the eldest son of a wealthy family, their love seems destined But in this world, even matters of the heart are ruled by class distinctions I really wanted to like this book, but the characters lacked any depth The art was good, though. What a touching love story ♥ it made me smile and giggle and almost cry Emma is a character that defies all odds, William the male lead sort of pales in comparison (dude, man up a little!) The artwork is gorgeous especially the detailed scenery and costumes I also love the chapter when William's parents first meet each other I've been wanting to read this series for a while After I finished Downton Abbey, I thought this series might feel the void I felt after that Now, I'm not so sure Emma works as a maid for an elderly woman named Kelly Stownar She seems to be this polite, quiet young girl The story is centered around Emma and this man named William and how they seemed destined to be lovers I had a few problems with this story One, there was no way to really get to know the characters A few traits may have popped out, but overall they felt flat There was nothing to allow you to really get to know them even a tiny bit As the first volume, I'm allowing to set this aside in hopes of gettinginformation in the next volumes Also, everyone seemed to fawn over Emma They wanted to be with her and eagerly waited for her reply Now, maybe this is some future development or something, but I feel like this time focusing on everyone fawning after her could have been focused on developing her or other charactersEmma may improve, but to do so there needs to befocus on the characters and not the fact that they are starcrossed lovers.

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