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Behind the Scenes at the Museum Ruby Lennox begins narrating her life at the moment of conception, and from there takes us on a whirlwind tour of the twentieth century as seen through the eyes of an English girl determined to learn about her family and its secrets

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  1. Violet wells Violet wells says:

    As a family, we are genetically disposed towards having accidents First and foremost, this is a challenging ambitious book,so than Life after Life The narrative is a labyrinth of twists and turns, false trails, loops and double helixes There s also an awful lot to remember because for some time it isn t obvious which details or even characters are paramoun

  2. PattyMacDotComma PattyMacDotComma says:

    4.5 January 2018 At the moment at which I moved from nothingness into being my mother was pretending to be asleep as she often does at such moments My father, however, is made of stern stuff and he didn t let that put him off And this, dear reader, is how we meet Ruby Lennox During her life, she often announces herself by calling out It s just Ruby , but sh

  3. David David says:

    God, I can t even begin to express my depth of loathing for this book I forced myself through to within about 60 pages of the end, but then I just couldn t bear it anyI just didn t want to know anyabout the vile people in this ridiculous family with all their dark, dirty, entirely predictable secrets Gaaaah I left it behind on a plane somewhere Should have a

  4. Elaine Elaine says:

    I really enjoyed this read but am finding it very hard to review without it making me sound like a rambling old biddy There are so many things I liked about that are running through my head like little soundbites, but I can t seem to write anything coherent about it But I will try.Ruby Lennox is narrating the story of her life, from the moment of her concepti

  5. Megan Baxter Megan Baxter says:

    Behind the Scenes at the Museum is really a very good book, marred by one gimmick that frustrates me because it s so unnecessary to the story Kate Atkinson is telling For the most part, however, I enjoyed this one immensely Atkinson has a knack for turns of phrase that are amusing and piercing and unexpected, and I loved these in particular The story is meand

  6. Ian Ian says:

    A novel that for me started off promisingly, floundered a bit in the middle, before finishing with a flourish It s difficult to translate that to a rating For most of the book I was thinking in terms of a 3 star rating but the ending pushed it up to a 3.5, which I ve rounded up to four.I also found it quite difficult to categorise the book Basically it s a fami

  7. Kim Kim says:

    My only experience of Kate Atkinson s writing until now has been three of the four novels in her Jackson Brodie series, which starts with Case Histories Quirky is the obvious adjective to describe Atkinson s writing It has lots of dry humour and sardonic wit, intricate plotting and random connections and coincidences deliberately used to advance the narrative Th

  8. Maciek Maciek says:

    Kate Atkinson s first novel won the Whitbread Book of the Year in 1995, beating such heavyweights as Salman Rushdie and his

  9. Jan-Maat Jan-Maat says:

    Patricia embraces me on the station platform The past is what you leave behind in life, Ruby, she says with the smile of a reincarnated lama Nonsense, Patricia, I tell her as I climb aboard my train The past s what you take with youp.381 The past is not quite a constant concern, but it s hand keeps as tight a grip on the present as it can in this homage to, or re

  10. Connie G Connie G says:

    Kate Atkinson has written a multigenerational story about a dysfunctional family It starts with the conception of the narrator, Ruby Lennox, in York in 1952 Her mother is irritable and unhappy, her father is a philanderer, and her sisters are not very likable Chapters with Ruby s story moving forward alternate with flashback chapters filling us in on the family his

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