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Baking with Kafka An orangutan wins the TS Eliot Prize for Poetry OUTRAGEOUS The errors commonly made by inexperienced murder mystery novelists WAHAHAHAHA The health hazards of becoming an author the money and fame HILARIOUS 2o29289qwrYeah literary gag strips aren t very funny I did laugh once at the Bad Writing Course joke but that s one out of an entire book s worth The gags in general are thoughtfully amusing and or clever rather than actually LOL funny So Tom Gauld s back with another book of strips where he makes wry observations on all things literary, deconstructs genres and tropes, and so on basically of the same stuff we saw in his previous collection, You re All Just Jealous of My Jetpack Presented as a clump like this, it s easy to clock the formula for his cartoons anachronistic artistic styles, silly alternate titles, meta commentary, etc so it gets dull and predictable fairly quickly And like most strip collections, the stop start style doesn t make for the smoothest reading experience either There are some creative ideas here and Gauld s drawings are cute but for the most part the strips are unsubstantial, throwaway and immediately forgettable Baking with Kafka is a pretty banal comics collection overall the least interesting book I ve read by Tom Gauld so far. Nikoho, kto sa u niekedy chystal na trojd ov pred en v kend na hor ch a nabalil si do kufra tyri knihy, jednu, o pr ve ta, druh , preto e t , o pr ve ta m u len 124 str n do konca, al iu, lebo o ak sa uk e, e t o si vzal, keby n hodou do tal t , o pr ve ta, je hovadina a e te jednu, lebo lovek nikdy nevie, a potom zistil, e t posledn sa tam ani bohovi nevopch , tak e nave a nave a odtia s a k m srdcom vytiahol oteplova ky e te sa mu aj pekne urobilo mieste ko na jedn ho mal ho Pratchetta, len keby nezavadzala t blb kefa na vlasy, ale zas nem e ma lovek v etko, aj tak sa ide len na tri dni a ve prinajhor om si d na hlavu iapku, proste nikoho, komu sa u stalo nie o podobn , Pe eme s Kafkou nenech plne chladn ho Je to proste kniha tak predchnut l skou ku knih m, e mi je a blb d va tomu ni ie hodnotenie, tak zost vam pri troch, ale popravde, asi dvadsa obr zkov m zauj mav my lienku, na piatich iestich som sa fakt e pobavila, zvy n ch 120 str n mi pri lo ako celkom mil obr zky, ktor ch pointu som u videla nakreslen , nap san alebo zhmotnen niekde inde, nejak lep ie. Rating 5 of five Tom Gauld produced these cartoons and short comics mostly for The Guardian, some for The New Yorker and NY Times He has a sort of literary bent in much of his work I have read his Goliath, a wry story from the perspective of Goliath, and liked it a lot Subtle, understated, elegant I read his Mooncop and thought those elements worked less to his advantage in that story Those are two graphic novels The other collection of his cartoons comics I read and liked quite a bit is You re Just Jealous of my Jetpack This one, Baking with Kafka, is almost all about books, yay for book lovers like me You can see them as part of a trend including things like Out of Print T shirts and memes with books piled in the shape of chairs or whatever And why not I liked this collection just fine, smiled quite a bit and wished I had been reading it as a series of tweets I could have retweeted or posted on Facebook or Instagram I like his simple, minimalist style, that some people find tepid and boring It s perfect for the Guardian and The New Yorker audience, which includes me Mildly amusing, technically solid, aesthetically pleasing, not alt comix I sat tomayto, you say tomahto Oh, what would it be like to bake with Kafka Predictably, ironic, a maybe a little grim Not little Debbie Cupcakes, that s for sure The idea and title are catchy, right Here s Dov Zeller s review s Karen s review, which has some of the book on it if you are curious Sort of New Yorker humor with extra lots of literary references and absurdity a dash of Kate Beaton, a touch of Hanawalt, a pinch of Nicholas Gurewitch work that seems tailor made for the McSweeney s crowd Is this a fair assessment Some really great individual comics in here smart, bitterly intelligent and playfully astute But a bit hit or miss as a whole.I do think it would make a great gift for those who would appreciate his style.Here are a few gemshttps twitter.com tomgauld status 5 are a few from the book that were actually in the New Yorker most, I think, published originally in the Guardian. L opera di un genio, che chiunque ami il mondo convulso e a tratti paradossale dei libri e dell editoria libraria deve leggere soprattuto se in quel mondo ci lavora o vorrebbe siamo alcolizzati, qualcuno dice, e queste strisce ci farebbero da cura Chicca miglioreIl mio nuovo romanzo disponibile nei seguenti formati libro audiolibro e book drone book nanobook cristallo olografico declamato da un corvo meccanico gas inodore spiegato da un robot condiscendente t shirt In cucina con Kafka, con un introduzione di Francesco Guglieri davvero originale e ironica che ben si adatta all opera di Tom Gauld, racchiude una serie di strisce del fumettista scozzese pubblicate in formato orizzontale, seguendo quindi il senso di lettura delle vignette.In questo fumetto Tom Gauld si sofferma soprattutto sulla letteratura, in tutti i suoi aspetti, dal mondo editoriale a quello dei lettori L autore affronta anche tematiche politiche, la tecnologia, il modo di comportarsi della societ contemporanea, i luoghi comuni, le mode e le tendenze del momento.Lo stile piuttosto minimal, sia nei testi piuttosto concisi sia nel disegno le forme sono geometriche, i colori sono tenuti e senza sfumature, caratteristica presente in quasi ogni tavola il tratteggio che d profondit e ombreggiatura Questo il primo fumetto che leggo di Tom Gauld, ma se online dovessi vedere altre sue tavole le riconoscerei subito lo stile assolutamente inconfondibile e personale.Devo dire che le prime strisce mi hanno spiazzata, nel senso positivo del termine, facendomi sghignazzare, per poi nel momento in cui si capisce il loro meccanismo di base si prevede la battuta della vignetta successiva In generale non ci sono state tavole che mi hanno fatto sganasciare dalle risate, ma semplicemente sorridere.Non mi aspettavo poi la presenza di strisce che toccano tematiche attuali importanti e che portano il lettore alla riflessione, una piacevole sorpresa.Per quanto mi riguarda In cucina con Kafka non il fumetto pi divertente del mondo, ma un buon fumetto Pu far sorridere soprattutto i lettori Tom Gauld si diverte a prenderci in giro con ironia, a buttare su carta le nostre manie e i nostri punti deboli senza osare troppo, senza offendere nessuno e questo fa solo che bene. A Best Of Collection Of Literary Humour Cartoons From The Critically Acclaimed Guardian CartoonistIn His Inimitable Style, British Cartoonist Tom Gauld Has Opened Comics To A Crossover Audience And Challenged Perceptions Of What The Medium Can Be Noted As A Book Lover S Cartoonist, Gauld S Weekly Strips In The Guardian, Britain S Most Well Regarded Newspaper, Stitch Together The Worlds Of Literary Criticism And Pop Culture To Create Brilliantly Executed, Concise Comics Simultaneously Silly And Serious, Gauld Adds An Undeniable Lightness To Traditionally Highbrow Themes From Sarcastic Panels About The Health Hazards Of Being A Best Selling Writer To A List Of Magical Items For Fantasy Writers Such As The Amulet Of Attraction, Which Summons Mainstream Acceptance, Hollywood Money, And Fresh Coffee , Gauld S Cartoons Are Timely And Droll His Trademark British Humour, Impeccable Timing, And Distinctive Visual Style Sets Him Apart From The RestLauded Both For His Frequent Contributions To New Scientist, The Guardian And The New York Times, And His Eisner Nominated Graphic Novels, Tom Gauld Is One Of The Most Celebrated Cartoonists Working Today In Baking With Kafka, He Proves This With One Witty, Sly, Ridiculous Comic After Another Bo to je dern liter rn popkulturn stripy pro knihomol k y, kter jdou k j dru pudla m to zpravidla jedno a sedm ok nek Nelze v tom nepoznat humor Guardianu , jeliko to co in Gauld pro kulturn liter rn sekci, d l v bled modr m Squires ve sportovn fotbalov Stejn styl, stejn typ ostr ho such ho britsk ho humoru.N kter stripy hrani s irou genialitou, v t ina se pouze satiristicky a s nads zkou trefuje do neduh ten autor kritik soci ln ch s t trol kli apod Jin maj nevyu it potenci l a n kolik m lo se pak zcela m j inkem.Autorovi se da kombinovat vylo en d tinsk n pady nap co kdyby postavy austenovsk ch rom n komunikovali skrze emod i i Vojna a m r formou clickbaitu s a p ekvapiv sofistikovan mi i hrav mi gagy a p itom v sledn dojem nep sob jako ka d pes jin ves , ale soudr n a v jednom autorsk m stylu.Krom zm n n kol sav kvality a toho, e v t ina humor stoj na textu a vizu ln str nka je tedy sice kr sn ale tak trochu do po tu, tak lze vytknout i to, e v druh polovin je to u dosti na jedno brdo variace na cca tucet rozehr vek pou it ch o xy strip p edt m ili sp e ne d t to na jeden z tah se vyplat si to rozlo it v ase.

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