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My Fake Rake Sebastian Holloway has secretly adored Lady Grace Wyatt ever since sharing a pencil with her in the library they both frequent But Sebastian is merely a poor scholar with no prospects, and Lady Grace is on a mission to make a famed naturalist she wants to wed notice her, a plan that includes molding Sebastian into a rake of the first order But as these two bookish souls spend and time together, they realize that that happiness and true love may be right under their bespactacled noses.I had a grand time watching these two nerds blushingly fall in love with each other and I cannot wait to read in this series There are a lot of great lines, but I ll wait until I see a finished copy before quoting I received a free ARC in exchange for a fair review. 4.5 starsSebastian was an anthropologist, basically penniless, even though his dad owned a profitable iron works factory He was a total nerd, living on mutton and threadbare, yet functional clothes, spending his limited funds on books I loved him His stammer and anxiousness in new situations had me feeling for him, but it also presented him as a regular, likable fellow Seb had a unique collection of steadfast friends from his school days, which served him well when he really needed help pulling off the transformation of his lifetime how to become a rake All in order for his closest friend, Lady Grace, to win the attentions of another man Oy, the things you do for a friendGrace was an herpetologist A unique job for a Lady, I thought, and much respect for her, because slimy reptiles and amphibians make me shudder just thinking about them She was sweet, witty with sharp intelligence, and a little odd, but she was happy as is Confidence can take you pretty far and Grace knew where she wanted to be When she finds herself in a pickle to get married, she decides to enlist Seb in a quack scheme to make another man interested in her, not realizing the one Grace really needs, not wants, has been in front of her all along Love is truly blind peopleI was excited to read My Fake Rake when I caught a look at the cover and blurb, however, I was doubly excited after hearing Eva Leigh talk about the premise behind the Union of the Rakes series 1980 s classic movies Maybe I m dating myself, but these days.well, they don t make movies like they used to The Breakfast Club tops my list of all time must watch films, so when I learned the Regency would mash with The Breakfast Club laughs, shenanigans, and a strong friends to lovers romance kept me entertained from beginning to end This is a strong start to what looks like a fabulous series and I am looking forward to The Duke of Rotherby s tale I received an advanced reader copy and this is my honest review. I was lucky enough to read this gem early and, oh, my goodness adorable And soooo sexy 3.5 starsI m always on the lookout for a new author or series and I absolutely loved this premise I really liked Grace and Sebastian They re both smart and good people I enjoyed their friendship and how they bonded over science and the library The friends of Grace and Sebastian are fun and even though Jane is already married, I m excited to see that the next book is Rotherby s story Plot wise, it was good There s a lot of inner monologue and pining away for the other I wanted flirting and banter between them Even though the romance felt like it was on the back burner, I loved the way these two respected each other The grand gesture is fantastic, but I definitely could have done with from the ending and epilogue Overall, it was the characters who kept me reading and I can t wait to get my hands on the next book Huge thanks to Avon Books for providing the arc free of charge I received an ARC from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.My Fake Rake cringe is my first Eva Leigh bookand boy, it was quite the disappointment Zero originality and pure ridiculousness from start to finish And not the good kind of ridiculousness Let s start with the series premise The Union of Rakes consists of a group of boys who became friends during detention at Eton I mean, we ve all seen The Breakfast Club so I don t need to spell it out for you Aside from their shared time spent in detention, we are told that the boys shared the kind of bond that only struggle could create What struggle, pray tell You can t just tell me oh they struggled with something that link them together as boys and adults and not tell me what that struggle is How did 5 completely different boys become friends How come they are still friends as adults We know that they were sensitive towards Sebastian and his shyness But is that it What about the struggle they all supposedly share Is this pure laziness from the author This is the premise of the entire series At least The Breakfast Club showed us how a group of different people became friends Moving onto the fake rake training Grace asks her friend Sebastian to practice being a rake and pretend to court her in public so that the guy she s into will finally notice her as a woman Sounds fun, right The nerdy characters even manage to turn this whole experiment into something scientific But this entire scheme just ends up being so damn nonsensical First, Grace decides that the best way Sebastian can learn how to become a rake is by simply following the rules of gentlemanly behaviour outlined in an outdated book Grace doesn t always go out in society, but she s gone to enough parties to know how popular gentlemen behave Yet, she couldn t distinguish between the ridiculously outdated book s instructions and the way Sebastian is actually supposed to behave It feels like the heroine was made purposefully oblivious for comedic reasons Next, wouldn t it have been easier if Grace had asked Sebastian s Duke friend to pay attention to her in public She was reluctant when Sebastian first mentioned it, but she eventually became friends with the Dukefriendly enough to get him to ask her for one dance so that the guy she likes can look at her Everything about Sebastian learning to be a fake rake feels so forced and ridiculous It s a great way to push Sebastian out of his comfort zone so that he grows as a character But the context itself the why is just too damn ridiculous and I couldn t take it seriously.The romance also left a lot to be desired Grace spends majority of the book being confused about her feelings She spends a good portion of the story being attracted to both the hero and the guy she supposedly likes She is constantly confused and can t decide whom she has feelings for It takes her forever to realize that Sebastian is the one she s in love with She has feelings for both of them for at least 60% of the book The romance between Sebastian and Grace was ruined every time she swooned over the other guy and had butterflies in his presence, which happened A LOT I can t deal with heroines who are so damn indecisive about their feelings And the thing with Sebastian is that he s too much of a beta hero he gives up so easily He doesn t even try to win her heart and he easily lets go of her No, thanks, that s not what I want in my romance novels.thank u, next It s the same old story, friends to lovers Sebastian is secretly in love with Grace but Grace doesn t see him as a man, she actually has a crush on another man Mason and they pretend to court each other because she wants Mason to notice her among other reasons and she ends up falling in love with Sebastian instead It gets me everytime Their relationship was so cute, Sebastian was the sweetest man ever, he even remembered what she was wearing the day they met He s definitely an ideal hero, supportive, sweet, caring, shy with others but with her he is his confident self.I really liked the romance but the plot was too unrealistic and ridiculous at times and I couldn t enjoy the book at the 100% because of it I kept wondering is this historical accurate Most of the time it seemed like I was reading a contemporary romance book but with characters that liked to do cosplay.To sum up for fans of the trope friends to lovers and light historical romances, entertaining but you have to suspend your disbelief for a while. In The First Book In Eva Leigh S New Union Of The Rakes Series, A Bluestocking Hires A Faux Suitor To Help Her Land An Ideal Husband Only To Be Blindsided By Real Desire Lady Grace Wyatt Is Content As A Wallflower, Focusing On Scientific Pursuits Rather Than The Complications Of Society Matches But When A Handsome, Celebrated Naturalist Returns From Abroad, Grace Wishes, For Once, To Be Noticed Her Solution To Build The Perfect Man, Who Will Court Her Publicly And Help Her Catch His Eye Grace S Colleague, Anthropologist Sebastian Holloway, Is Just The Blank Slate She RequiresIn Exchange For Funding His Passage On An Expedition Leaving London In A Few Months, Sebastian Allows Grace To Transform Him From A Bespectacled, Bookish Academic Into A Dashing Albeit Fake Rake Between Secret Lessons On How To Be A Rogue And Exaggerated Public Flirtations, Grace S Feelings For Sebastian Grow From Friendship Into Undeniable, Inconvenient, Real Attraction If Only She Hadn T Hired Him To Help Her Marry Someone ElseSebastian Is In Love With Brilliant, Beautiful Grace, But Their Bargain Is Complete, And She Desires Another Yet When He S Faced With Losing Her Forever, Sebastian Will Do Whatever It Takes To Tell Her The Truth, Even If It Means Risking His Own Future And His Heart I ll defs read it, but cringe at that title Soooo good 4.5 stars Delightful I loved it.

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