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This is the first interpretive history of Central America by a Central American historian to be published in English Anyone with an interest in current events in the region will find here an insightful and well written guide to the history of its five national states Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica Traces of a common past invite us to make generalizations about the region, even to posit the idea of a Central American nation But, as Hector Perez Brignoli shows us, we can learn from a comparative approach that establishes both the points of convergence and the separate paths taken by the five different countries of Central AmericaThe author offers a concise overview of the region s history from the sixteenth century to the present, beginning with human and cultural geography in the first chapter and ending with the present crisis in the last He deals with the fundamental themes and problems of the area the characteristics of the colonial heritage, independence and the crisis of the Federal Republic, the formation of nation states during the nineteenth century, and the development of export agriculture based on coffee and bananas The narrative moves finally into the twentieth century to look at the growing impoverishment that multiplies inequalities and leads to the shipwreck of liberal democracy The case of Costa Rica, exceptional in ways than one, receives special attention A Brief History of Central America

About the Author: Héctor Pérez-Brignoli

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10 thoughts on “A Brief History of Central America

  1. Christopher Christopher says:

    When I was looking for a general over view of Central American history, it s hard to fault the author for giving me exactly what I asked for, especially when his forward lays out all the failings and short comings of the format Still, I found myself skimming a lot as various decades ran together along with various countries, regimes, revolutions, counter revolutions, and foreign interventions As expected, most of the five

  2. Eren Buğlalılar Eren Buğlalılar says:

    A good, readable summary from colonial times up until 1987 Tries to cover everything from economy to social structure but gives a larger space to ruling class politics The impact of Cuban Revolution on US and dependent countries policies almost left unmentioned.

  3. Karla Karla says:

    What a depressing book The author wrote this book in the late 1980s and sadly 30 40 years later Central America continues to struggle Snce it s a brief history of Central America he can t go into much detail It s a good start though if one wants to know and understand a little bitabout Cetnral America.

  4. Die A. Die A. says:

    El contenido del libro es fiel al t tulo del mismo se ofrece un estudio breve que abarca aspectos fundamentales de la historia de la regi n centroamericana desde la poca colonial.Desde un inicio, el autor justifica el porqu de no centrar su estudio en Panam y Belice l manifiesta que hay dos criterios b sicos desde los cuales se puede abordar el estudio de la historia de esta regi n el primero, que se centra exclusivamente en los 5

  5. Markel Markel says:

    Breve historia de Centroam rica o Una historia de violencia es un recorrido exhaustivo de la historia de una Centroam rica, unas veces apresurado, otras harto tedioso Se hace dif cil seguir el ritmo a la retah la de reformas agrarias, revueltas, dictaduras, guerras y escaramuzas que impregnan la historia del istmo Es una pena, sin embargo, que no se incluya Belice ni Panam , y que el libro se centre sobre todo en los siglos XIX y XX,

  6. Lauren Lauren says:

    I was happy to find this book by a Central American scholar in translation While I admit to skimming some sections, the ones I focused on first 2 3s of book were engaging and well researched Perez Brignoli is methodical in his approach, and each country is examined in succession through the time periods I liked this style as it was easy to compare what was happening in example Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala in a certain span of years.

  7. Karen Karen says:

    To be honest, I know very little of the history of our neighbors to the south This book was a good overview of the region, it s people and the history I am glad it was written by a Central American, but I could see the obvious bias for Costa Rica This would have been a difficult book to write within the constraints, but I found the book to be confusing in that the narrative jumped between countries and not as much , time periods.

  8. Bob Newman Bob Newman says:

    incessant struggleOf course every country s history is a tale of struggle Human life itself is a struggle How can we gain a better livelihood, govern ourselves better, and express ourselvesfully without struggle Still, in many parts of the world, history has found tranquil moments or times when it appears that a golden age existed Many countries have achieved political, social, or economic stability for long periods Upon reading A BRIEF HISTOR

  9. Francisco Francisco says:

    Un libro que se esfuerza en ser objetivo y presentar datos y cifras para de ah dar pie a sus conclusiones Tiene dos obst culos a mi juicio, que limitan a lo que el lector capta de ese esfuerzo El primero es que a fuerza de ser breve, limita hechos y al no profundizar, deja cabos sueltos El segundo es que pareciera que a la abrumadora cantidad de evidencias y cifras que indican que las reacciones cuerdas y coherentes debieran ser un camino, los ce

  10. Diane Diane says:

    I learned much about Central America.

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