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Silent Redemption In This Gripping Novel By Charts Bestselling Author Ellen J Green, The Past Is Not A Place For Forgiveness But For RevengeAva Saunders S Memories Are The Things Nightmares Are Made Of Only Three Years Old When Her Mother Was Murdered And Her Father Disappeared, Ava S Been Living To Avenge The Past And Eliminating Anyone Who Comes Between Her And The Truth Off The Grid And On The Run, Ava Has Fled The United States On A Willful Mission To Seek Out Those Who Adopted Her And Find The Blood Relatives Who Abandoned Her Whatever The RiskTo Do It, Ava Needs The Help Of The Only Two People She Can Trust With Her Secrets Detective Russell Bowers And Her Reluctant Best Friend, Joanne Together They Set Off On A Journey Down Ava S Dark And Twisted History That Reaches From Italy To The Jungles Of Vietnam And To Paris For A Chilling Family Reunion And A Final ReckoningFor Ava, As A Lifetime Of Betrayal, Murder, And Revenge Comes Full Circle, Even Redemption Comes With A Price

10 thoughts on “Silent Redemption

  1. Darinda Darinda says:

    The third book in the Ava Saunders series Ava is after the truth and revenge I recommend reading the first two books first This one wraps up the family drama and mysteries Fast paced and exciting.

  2. Sue Ann Sue Ann says:

    Twist, Turns, Confusion Twist, turns, and confusing describe this book But that being said, I enjoyed it and couldn t stop reading listening to Silent Redemption A few times I had to go back to make sure what was going on and at times, I had to think about which character was which But I honestly think that is what made it a great read I would highly recommend reading all th

  3. Milena Gigliotti Milena Gigliotti says:

    After reading Twist of Faith, I got incredibly hooked on the story therefore reading the next 2 was a must Loved how twisted the whole series was, just when I thought I was figuring it out, a curveball would come and mess everything up Ellen is a fantastic writer

  4. Shirley Shirley says:

    Mystery, Action, Suspense Silent Redemption has it all Mystery, Action, and Suspense This book is about 4 young people and a 30 year old secret Four young people went to North Vietnam, 3 returned home, one remained missing What happened there they vowed to keep secret and never speak of, but someone knows None of them are safe.The book keeps you guessing every step of the way It takes you from

  5. Leah Hines Leah Hines says:

    This dark and gripping thriller will grab you from the start I highly recommend reading the first two books first Ava is determined to get to the rest of the truth about her family at any cost What follows is an intense journey from country to country Finally the answers are all revealed and there are plenty of shocks along the way Russell and Joanne are back to help solve these mysteries This is an inte

  6. oohlalabooks oohlalabooks says:

    Ava Saunders was three years old when her mother was murdered and her father disappeared Ava s been living to avenge the past and eliminating anyone who comes between her and the truth Off the grid and on the run, Ava has fled the United States on a willful mission To seek out those who adopted her and find the blood relatives who abandoned her This was a gripping, intense novel and it was good I already enjoy psy

  7. Ashley Smith Ashley Smith says:

    GripingWow just wow This is the perfect ending for Ava Green leads you on a journey from the first page till the last She gives you twist and turns with Russell and Joann from Jersey to Italy and then all the way to Vietnam Always leaving you wondering what could happen next Ava finally gets the answers she been searching for from the beginning But will she be able to handle the truth once she finds it.

  8. Britany Williams Britany Williams says:

    After reading Twist of Faith by Ellen, I had to read the next two I think my downfall was that I had read the first two in June, and now I finally got to Redemption in May, almost a year later I recommend reading them back to back, as there are many twists, and many characters to follow throughout the twists and turns I didn t find this one as gripping as the others, but it did not disappoint for thrills and deceptions.

  9. Cindy Stavropoulos Cindy Stavropoulos says:

    I might read this series again As complicated as it was, this series was so addictive I read the last book, Silent Redemption, in 3 days I HAD to put it down because of life and work but might have read it in one day if I could have The deceit, the lies, the twists were all the kind of deceptive characteristics my curious mind likes to wrap around What an amazing movie this could be Thank you for a good read because my last book took 5 months

  10. Darlene Messenger Darlene Messenger says:

    I received this book from Netgalley for review and all thoughts and opinions are my own.I found this book in the Ava Saunders series to be twisty and a challenge to read The main character is a killer The body count keeps going up and up as Ava searches for her father With many family relationships in flux, there is no one that can be trusted The past rears its ugly head and traverses the world in this thriller series It takes Detective Russel Bowers an

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