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The Blue Zones Kitchen Thought I d enjoy it since I d read Blue Zones and loved itnot the case Very disappointed in the recipes They were full of ingredients that should not be included in whole food plant based eating, i.e white sugar, white flour and white rice In addition, they seemed to include items regular grocery stores in smaller cities would not have It was a Christmas gift that will now be returned. Best Selling Author Dan Buettner Debuts His First Cookbook, Filled With Longevity Recipes Inspired By The Blue Zones Locations Around The World, Where People Live The LongestBuilding On Decades Of Research, Longevity Expert Dan Buettner Has Gathered Recipes Inspired By The Blue Zones, Home To The Healthiest And Happiest Communities In The World Each Dish For Example, Sardinian Herbed Lentil Minestrone Costa Rican Hearts Of Palm Ceviche Cornmeal Waffles From Loma Linda, California And Okinawan Sweet Potatoes Uses Ingredients And Cooking Methods Proven To Increase Longevity, Wellness, And Mental Health Complemented By Mouthwatering Photography, The Recipes Also Include Lifestyle Tips Including The Best Times To Eat Dinner And Proper Portion Sizes , All Gleaned From Countries As Far Away As Japan And As Near As Blue Zones Project Cities In Texas Innovative, Easy To Follow, And Delicious, These Healthy Living Recipes Make The Blue Zones Lifestyle Even Attainable, Thereby Improving Your Health, Extending Your Life, And Filling Your Kitchen With Happiness This books is getting a lot of hype right now The narrative is compelling, and the the photos are gorgeous It is bright, and glossy, and really a beautiful book So why only three stars Well, almost every recipe in this book seemed to be centered around chickpeas or sweet potatoes, and those just happen to be two veggies I really do not like I am willing to include them once in a while, but I am just never going to center my diet around those two foods, so for me, this just isn t going to be a cookbook I use a lot. Cannot wait to research about the Blue Zones and get involved. Beautiful book Lovely photos on most every page, just enough introduction to each Blue Zone region, wonderful recipes Great addition to my Blue Zones library shelf Really great cookbook Simple recipes with very few and very simple ingredients The book is divided, very interestingly, into the blue zone areas with the corresponding recipes instead of by meal type Some ingredients might be harder to find depending on where you live. The Blue Zones Kitchen is a lovely cookbook, with recipes that sound delicious, and is a worthy addition to the Blue Zones library The cover is striking The recipes manage to be both healthful and delicious sounding, haven t tried any of them yet And the sections on each Blue Zone region, complete with lovely food, people, and scenery photography, interviews, regional history and culture, and versions of local recipes are all fascinating There ARE a lot of recipes that contain gluten, many of which would be difficult to make gluten free substitutions But overall it s just really a great cookbook, to the extent that I m going to buy it and try a bunch of the recipes I just hope some of the profit benefits from these books go back to the communities who inspire Buettner s work.

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National Geographic Explorer Dan Buettner has traveled the globe to uncover the best strategies for longevity.

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