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The Book of Lost Friends A new novel inspired by historical events a story of three young women on a journey in search of family amidst the destruction of the post Civil War South, and of a modern day teacher who rediscovers their story and its connection to her own students livesLisa Wingate brings to life stories from actual Lost Friends advertisements that appeared in Southern newspapers after the Civil War, as freed slaves desperately searched for loved ones who had been sold offLouisiana,In the tumultuous aftermath of Reconstruction, three young women set off as unwilling companions on a perilous quest Lavinia, the pampered heir to a now destitute plantation Juneau Jane, her illegitimate free born Creole half sister and Hannie, Lavinia s former slave Each carries private wounds and powerful secrets as they head for Texas, following dangerous roads rife with ruthless vigilantes and soldiers still fighting a war lost a decade before For Lavinia and Juneau Jane, the journey is one of inheritance and financial desperation, but for Hannie, torn from her mother and eight siblings before slavery s end, the pilgrimage westward reignites an agonizing question Could her long lost family still be out there Beyond the swamps lie the seemingly limitless frontiers of Texas and, improbably, hopeLouisiana,For first year teacher Benedetta Silva, a subsidized job at a poor rural school seems like the ticket to canceling her hefty student debt until she lands in a tiny, out of step Mississippi River town Augustine, Louisiana, seems suspicious of new ideas and new people, and Benny can scarcely comprehend the lives of her poverty stricken students But amid the gnarled oaks and run down plantation homes lies the century old history of three young women, a long ago journey, and a hidden book that could change everything

About the Author: Lisa Wingate

Lisa Wingate is a former journalist, an inspirational speaker, and the bestselling author ofthan thirty books Her blockbuster Before We Were Yours was on the NYT best seller list for over one year Her work has won or been nominated for many awards, including the Pat Conroy Southern Book Prize, the Oklahoma Book Award, the Utah Library Award, the Carol Award, the Christy Award, and the RT Reviewers Choice Award Lisa believes stories can change the world.

10 thoughts on “The Book of Lost Friends

  1. Dorie - Cats&Books :) Dorie - Cats&Books :) says:

    NOW AVAILABLE This is a wonderful story based on true facts and records I felt the beginning was a bit slow but this book is very much worth sticking to it It can t and shouldn t be rushed There is a lot of humanity and history here Each chapter is begun with an ad from the original Lost Friends newspape

  2. Debra Debra says:

    Colored Tennessean Nashville , Oct 14, 1865information wanted of Caroline Dodson, who was sold from Nashville Nov 1st 1862 by James Lumsden to Warwick, a trader then in human beings , who carried her to Atlanta, Georgia, and she was last heard of in the sale pen of Robert Clarke, human trader in that place , fr

  3. Marialyce Marialyce says:

    4.5 starsTo tell a tale of loss is never an easy task The heartbreaking moments are many, and the realization hits the reader that these things so well related in a fictional setting did indeed take place in our country These are things never to be forgotten, never to be relegated to the back pages of history These ar

  4. marilyn marilyn says:

    The Book of Lost Friends has become my favorite historical novel and, in fact, one of my favorite books that I ve read The book includes actual ads that were published in Southern newspapers and read to black congregations by their preachers, searching for relatives of former slaves The last time many of these people saw the

  5. Paige Paige says:

    Told in dual timelines, Hannie is an 18 year old slave living during the Reconstruction Era in Louisiana in 1875 Having been taken from her family before slavery ended, Hannie joins the plantation owner s daughters on an odyssey of sorts to find the two girls father while Hannie herself quests to find her own mother and siblings Be

  6. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    Lisa Wingate has woven together two wonderful stories to make this absorbing historical novel set in 1875 and 1987 Following the abolition of slavery in America, many freed slaves had no idea where there families were as they were previously sold off and dispersed by their owners In 1875 young Hannie is the last of her large family left o

  7. Cheri Cheri says:

    NOW AVAILABLE 4.5 StarsHistory has much to teach us At the beginning of this book, there are notes from Lisa Wingate, about Dialect and Historical Terminology, which is where the above quote is taken from She goes on to sayThat was one of the reasons for the inclusion of the real life Lost Friends ads in this book They are the stories of actual

  8. DeAnn DeAnn says:

    5 just right starsThis dual storyline book drew me in right away I found both storylines interesting and the characters fascinating They connected in a fantastic way and the conclusion of this book was done just right.The storyline from the past features Louisiana and Texas post Civil War and still a very tumultuous time in this country We have three u

  9. Brenda Brenda says:

    When still a child Hannie had seen her complete family sold to other plantation owners, leaving her alone on the Gossett plantation, filling her days with work from dawn to dusk Hannie had kept Miss Lavinia, daughter of the plantation owner, company as her slave when Lavinia was a baby In 1875, at eighteen years old, Hannie accompanied Miss Lavinia and Juneau

  10. Kerrin Parris Kerrin Parris says:

    The Book of Lost Friends by Lisa Wingate unfolds two parallel narratives one contemporary and the other set in the 19th century after slaves have been emancipated The prologue opens with a student who is afraid to give a speech to an audience This scene is repeated in the epilogue The teacher encourages her student by saying Where will they hear the story if not fro

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