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Some Days From an Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award nominee comes a touching story of family, security, and lossA young girl tells her mother about a passageway in their yard Down this passageway, it is not cold, there is no danger, and nothing bad can ever happen—and the person she longs for is with her again The only problem is that, on some days, the passageway is not there But maybe, together, mother and daughter can find a way to carry that feeling with them alwaysFirst published in Argentina, this lovely picture book will tug on the heartstrings of anyone who knows what it means to miss a loved one Nice illustrations Still thinking about the meaningI am not sure what the story is about, really I like the way the mom and child twist up in the laundry, sharing in their thoughts and actions I like the thoughts about a pleasant, hopeful place you can go to in your mind whenever you want to This is a basis for a discussion between parent and child about spiritual meaning I would read it to my grandchild for an interesting conversation. is a delightful picture book I read the kindle version but it would work much better in hardback, held open as a child sits on your knee so you can both read it together Like a lot of picture books Some Days uses a fairy simple structure and simple images to convey a story In this case, the girl’s father has obviously died but the book never comes out and directly states this It’s a lovely way to approach the subjects of death, loss and grief without being too dark or sad The illustrations impressed me They are of a very high standard, simple yet beautiful. very different, if i went on just illustrations alone i would totally give it a 5 star rating those are just awesomeFirst Reads i saw when first checking out the 7 books i think it was you could get from that selection they are available to you before others since u r a Prime Member but i would not say i saw it word for word knowing it is a book about death i did flip through going thinking face??! what did i miss we all have loved ones (friends and family) who sadly pass on maybe it was lost in translation?? not sure but i love the illustrations. Not a children's book.The child is sad or depressed, and is even worried about danger in her life Hard to understand the point of the storyis the person in red the dad who apparently is gone? Images are dull and grey except when they are imagining things I will not read to a child 2 stars as an older persons book to think about its meanings. Poignant, confusing for childrenVery meaningful Every picture is part of the story, from the empty chair which is the only thing on the first page to the clothes line at the end, not a wasted line.However, one explanation of the story says the passage is under the ground, where her father is buried, but she appears to swim in grass That would be confusing to children. Completely charmingEverything about this book is charming, from the words to the wonderfully whimsical illustrations But don't be fooled into thinking it's simple It will break your heart while it delights you. Short Story This is surely one of the shortest stories I've ever read It feels like it could be an introduction to a bigger story or be complete in itself The layout and pictures are sweet. In Spanish here: Some days you need a picture bookSome days you need a picture book to remind you of life before it got complicated Its a short picture book, probably good for the little toddler crowd,.simple!e drawings and few words But a Full, good book.

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