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The Secret of Moon Lake When Fourteen Year Old Sam Lawrence Stumbles Across A Magical Medallion, Eerie Things Begin To Happen In The City Of Moon Lake Sam Realizes That The Legends Might Actually Be True When He Discovers Aurelia, A Mysterious Mermaid Who Has Been Trapped In The Lake For Years As Sam S Friendship With The Mermaid Increases, So Does The Power Of The Medallion He Slowly Begins To Understand That The Medallion Is Even Powerful And He Loves It But Could The Medallion S Revealing Power Become Dangerous Than He Thinks

About the Author: Sofia Nova

I have always felt a duty to motivate and inspire others to be confident and follow their dreams I will not waste any time into a project I am not passionate about I love waking up in the morning with a goal that needs to be conquered and if there isn t one, I will create it

10 thoughts on “The Secret of Moon Lake

  1. Melissa Crapps Melissa Crapps says:

    This story is so good Gripping I could not put it down An easy and incredibly enjoyable read Every page created an addiction to the next Thank you so much Ms Nova. I m ready for your next one

  2. Adrian Macchiato Adrian Macchiato says:

    I highly enjoyed this book I m a rising college senior, and I often find myself too busy to read books as I used to before Recently, I saw my younger brother reading The Secret of Moon Lake and he was raving about how good it was Being so unoccupied in quarantine, I decided to pick it up and give it a read I was hooked I read it front to back all in one night The illustrations are fascinat

  3. Victoria Victoria says:

    I started reading this book two days ago, and wasn t able to put it down It is such an easy and enjoyable read I was hooked to the story It kept me captive, wanting to find out what happened next This book is better than any other mermaid tale out there I really recommend getting this book for your children or even for you I hope that the author, Sofia Nova, publishes a sequel to this wonderful st

  4. Raisa Araujo Raisa Araujo says:

    Loved this book I purchased this book for my son to read, but after he finished it he wouldn t stop talking about how much he loved it I usually find myself too busy or tired to read books, but I decided to give this a try Don t let the pictures fool you, this isn t just a children s book I found it fascinating and super well written From one mom to another, definitely consider buying this book for your c

  5. Isabella Caicedo Isabella Caicedo says:

    I loved this bookthan words can describe It s so well written A really good story that combines some realistic elements with a fantasy type story A really good book for anyone that likes adventure stories.I adored every part of it I ve read it many times and highly recommend you do too.Isabella Caicedo

  6. Simon Reyes Simon Reyes says:

    I loved the book, I am always looking for science fiction stories because it is the topic that interests me most and this book seemed to me to have the perfect combination of reality and fiction The characters intervene consistently in the story and for that reason it is easy to understand.Simon Reyes

  7. Samantha Aguilar Samantha Aguilar says:

    Very good book, I am not very fond of science fiction stories but this one seemed very interesting to me because it combines reality and fiction very well in the way the characters interact Without a doubt it is a book that I recommend not only for young people but for people of any age.Samantha Aguilar

  8. Santiago Santiago says:

    Not gonna spoil anything but, I really liked this book, it was such a nice and easy read, i read it in a week and every night before I went to bed I would read it and I couldn t wait to knowabout the characters and it s story Enjoyed it until the end Waiting forstories from this author.

  9. Martin Martin says:

    Great plot, graps the reader s attention upon reading the first few sentences The story captures everything a fantasy should have, where even those not into the genre will find enjoyment Give this book a read if you haven t

  10. Nicholas Reyes Nicholas Reyes says:

    Very good book, my mom gave it to me at the end of the school year to practice reading during the summer, at first I was not very excited but when I started reading it I found it very interesting It is a different story and with attractive characters, I really recommend it.Nicholas Reyes

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