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Verities: A Journey by Tracks Inspired by a True Story When it is dark enough, you can see the stars Take a ride down the train tracks in the small town of Verities, and you ll see one young man s quests for meaning in his troubled life Follow Sam s journey as he grows up facing ugly truths about love and loss on the wrong side of the tracks Verities is a hopeful story of rising above one s circumstances, even in the cruel face of social injustice If Steinbeck, Walter Cronkite, Thoreau, and Bruce Springsteen all sat down together to write a novel, this would be it I couldn t put it down Find out what Midwest Book Review is calling, a succinct literary masterpiece One of those books that will linger in the mind and memory of the reader long after it has been finished and set back upon the shelf Fast paced, with unexpected, but clever plot twists, Verities carries the reader along with its stand out characters every inch of the way It also spotlights, in an era of receiving information in short bursts, the enduring value of books that make you think and see things you might never have seen Rich Garon, author of Felling Big Trees and Lee FittsRandyWhiteBooks

10 thoughts on “Verities: A Journey by Tracks

  1. Allison Harlow Allison Harlow says:

    I got my hands on an Advanced Reader Copy of this book as this is a local author where I live I had a hard time putting this one down Bravo The story is based on the author s life growing up on the wrong side of the tracks It was at times heartfelt and at others heartbreaking I loved the song lyrics for the titles It challenged me to reflect on my own beliefs Great read

  2. Gerry Gerry says:

    Loved this book,, a little slow in starting but quickly grabs my interest and I couldn t put it down easily a def must read.

  3. Rose Rose says:

    Finally, a book I looked forward to taking a break and reading The last few books I ve read have been oh dear, why did this person waste their time This book was thoroughly enjoyable.Except for the dream relating, which is always boring at any time from anyone But fortunately there wasn t too much of that.

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