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Ghost World Ghost World has become a cultural and generational touchstone, and continues to enthrall and inspire readers over a decade after its original release as a graphic novel Originally serialized in the pages of the seminal comic book Eightball throughout the mid s, this quasi autobiographical story the name of one of the protagonists is famously an anagram of the author s name follows the adventures of two teenage girls, Enid and Becky, two best friends facing the prospect of growing up, and importantly, apart Daniel Clowes is one of the most respected cartoonists of his generation, and Ghost World is his magnum opus Adapted into a major motion picture directed by Terry Zwigoff director of the acclaimed documentary Crumb , which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay This graphic novel is a must for any self respecting comics fan s library

About the Author: Daniel Clowes

Daniel Gillespie Clowes is an Academy Award nominated American author, screenwriter and cartoonist of alternative comic books Most of Clowes work appears first in his anthology Eightball 1989 2004 , a collection of self contained narratives and serialized graphic novels Several of these narratives have been collected published separately as graphic novels, most notably Ghost World With filmmaker Terry Zwigoff, Clowes adapted Ghost World into the 2000 film of the same name, and also adapted another Eightball story into the 2006 film Art School Confidential Before Eightball, Clowes worked on comic book series Lloyd Llewellyn, which in the later issues stronger foreshadowed some of the social criticism of his work with Eightball.

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  1. Alejandro Alejandro says:

    Two hours of my life that I will never get back This is the graphic novel edition of Ghost World by Fantagraphics Books, originally published as chapters, in the comic book series Eightball 11 18.Creative Team Writer Illustrator Daniel Clowes MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING People who read my reviews know that I m not usually negative for not saying of giving 1 star ratings when I am commenting about my r

  2. Ariel Ariel says:

    HMM I feel like I missed the train on this one I know that it s a beloved cult classic and I cannot deny that so many of the parts worked there are phenomenal panels, poignant moments, and some gorgeous illustration Particularly two of the chapters, Punk Day and the final one, stuck out to me as resonant and powerful However, in the end, it just didn t come together for me Mainly it felt pessimistic, drea

  3. Jeff Jeff says:

    Three and a half stars rounded up.My wife doesn t usually make graphic novel reading suggestions , but when she does, in order to keep a harmonious household, I ll read it What have I got to lose Heh.She was spot on read lucky with randomly choosing Daytripper, so I gave her powers of awesome comic book prophesy another go.Summary Two small town adolescent best friends share snark about dudes, their future and the

  4. David Schaafsma David Schaafsma says:

    6 27 17 Reread for my YA GN Comics summer class, discussed with clips from the movie, whichandseems like a light rom com version of the much deeper and richer and grittier, nastier book One dimension of this book that seems clearer to me in this reading is that one of the things they are struggling with in this summer after high school graduation is sexuality, including some Q of the GLTQ moments Who are they, and who do t

  5. jo jo says:

    american representations of adolescents and post adolescents in films and books have always left me cold, if not alienated why do i have so little in common with these kids why was my life and the lives of the italian teens i currently know and follow so vastly different i blame american culture of violence and vice for lack of a better world , kids need to find themselves in drunkenness and drugs, when we had what what did we have

  6. MissAnnThrope MissAnnThrope says:

    Remember those angry, bitchy girls in high school, who sat around judging people and talking smack behind everyone s back Okay, now imagine being locked in a box for an hour forced to listen to those jealous twits and you ve got Ghost World in a nutshell.I have been wanting to read Ghost World for ages I stumbled across a copy of it at the library, so finally picked it up I think if I had originally read this a decade ago, I might not have

  7. Greta G Greta G says:

    I read this so called classic years ago, and it felt like a culture clash To me it was obvious this wasn t written by a woman That s not the way girls talk and think, at least not in my experience.

  8. Fabian Fabian says:

    This is one GREAT companion piece to the motion picture Sure, this one started it all but it is interesting to see where the screenwriter s words maintained such a close fidelity to Clowes s vision keeping the same spirit of the book in the movie is a wonder to behold While the film seems incredibly depressing at times, the comic manages to make you feel that there is no sadness in the Ghost World world, only wackiness and teenage girl banter, um Daria meets

  9. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    Ghost World is one of those books where I feel like the film adaptation was somehow a lot better The art in Ghost World is beautiful and memorable, and I ll definitely give it two stars for that, but it s extremely difficult to enjoy reading a book where you either feel like you want to strangle the characters, or where you want to just give up on reading it entirely because you have such apathy towards it.The book follows Enid and her best friend Becky, on the cusp

  10. Trish Trish says:

    In one of his interviews, the great graphic novelist Craig Thompson cites Daniel Clowes as a must read graphic artist he admires I admire Thompson s work, so it makes sense I would seek out Clowes This graphic novel was made into a movie in 2001 starring Thora Birch and Scarlett Johansson I haven t seen that yet, but it may well be the first sighting of Scarlett Johansson before big stardom.A GR friend of mine wrote a deeply insightful meditation on the development of America

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