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I read this with my 13yo son We laughed in the beginning because of the many different names in the book, but we ended up loving the story When we finished it, and I asked him how many stars to give the book, he said, Is that even a question?! 5! 3.5 stars A nice YA novel that touches on all the major aspects of Mayan culture circa 900 AD ball games, temples, weaving, calendar counting, cenotes, war, human sacrifice, bloodletting, slavery, festivals, social class strata, and so on The author does not shy away from human sacrifice and bloodletting rituals, a key component of this culture, but handles them simply enough so as not to be gratuitous for young teen readers She also describes the Tzolk'in calendar and shows how its divinatory aspects were applied to everyday Mayan life She refrained from the Haab and Long Count calendars for simplicity's sake I am sure! In short, if you are looking for a short book that describes what ancient Mayan life was like, so far as we understand it, this is an excellent choice. I read this book for an ESL class I teach for middle schoolers The book was chosenfor its subject matterMayan culture and historythan anything else I thought the storyset in the 9th century and narrated by a young girl whose family is threatened by an evil priest periodically became weighed down by overdone descriptions of Mayan culture and customs The author obviously knows a good deal about the Maya; however, I don't think the story she tells is always accessible or suitable for young readers For example, she gives a detailed description of the Mayan calendar which I found myself having to read through several times to understand The narrative is often undercut by excessive detail, which to me would be better placed in a history of the Maya rather than a novel for young people. I wish I'd read this book when I was younger! This is a deeply impressive achievement It's a dense, rich middlegrade novel with lots of action, adventure, a believable young female protagonist, with lots of believably dysfunctional family drama This is, BTW, dark as hell for a middle grade book There is a LOT of death There's gore, political intrigue, and even a smidgen of romance The world is rich and fascinating, well researched, and it captures the imagination There's not enough books set in the Mayan period! Anyway, I really, really wish this was the first of a series, because I really want to spendtime with these characters The only reason I'm giving this 4 stars is because the prose is not quite up to, say, Lloyd Alexander, but TBH I enjoyed this muchthan my recent attempts to reread the Prydain Chronicles Highly recommended. Eveningstar Macaw lives in a glorious Mayan city in the ninth century When the king falls ill and dies, the city begins to crumble An evil high priest, Great Skull Zero, orders the sacrifice of those who might become king, including Eveningstar's beloved brother Suspicious of the High Priest's motives, Eveningstar attempts to save her brother, thus becoming an acknowledged enemy of the High Priest Condemned to be thrown into the Well of Sacrifice, Eveningstar must find a way not only to save her own life but to rescue her family and her city from the tyrannical grasp of Great Skull Zero Set against the vivid background of everyday life at the height of the Mayan golden age and illustrated with striking blackandwhite paintings, Eveningstar's candid, gripping, and notforthefaintofheart account of the last days of a great city will have readers at the edge of their seats Afterword I read this book when I was a child and i loved it, now, in my early twenties , I can tell I still love it The storyline is so interesting and Im in love with the setting! Maya culture is so interesting and I love that while reading this book I learned something that not even my teacher at University thought me The story is easy and short because it is a book for children but still it teaches so much about such an interesting culture that, unluckily, is completely gone Totally recommend it for children and adults both And the illustrations are amazing! They give the right vibes for the setting. ClassicThis book is a classic coming of age story that blends modern emotions of finding your place in the world with fictional history of a mayan girl Well researched, this book is still a page turner filled with excitement for people of all ages. The book was amazing, it was historically accurate, it had a strong female character, and it was full of heartbreak and humor I read this book a few years ago, and I still remember it as one of the best book I've ever read. Read for my daughters school. Chris Bloch's Well of Sacrifice is a fictional anthropological tour of Maya life set during the tenth century just as the Maya civilization has peaked and the mighty Mesoamerican civilzation starts to crumble This wonderful book, targeted at 6th grade and up, is strong in historical and cultural content and makes a terrific complement to an educational program, or in preparation for travel to the Yucatan or anywhere in Central America where the Maya had significant presence Imbued with cultural context, Bloch's narrative makes the educational content fully engaging.While Maya nobility and royalty play a key role in the story, the focus of Bloch's book is on the common people, specifically one young girl named Eveningstar Macaw, and how, through the will of her personality, changes this one Maya city The Story is not actionfilled until the last 40 pages or so, but it moves quickly and Evengstar is welldeveloped.She's very respectful and religious, but not blindly so She's freethinking and logical, while also proscribing to her deep religious foundational beliefs (sacrifices and all).Through Eveningstar, author Bloch takes the reader on a tour of Mayan society, and this what makes the book truly standout We read about the Maya culture, religion, as well as their calendaring system As Eveningstar finds her way through the difficulties of Mayan life, the reader learns about the society's professions, food, hobbies, trade, death rituals, medicinal and construction capabilities, and military Bloch even builds a scene at a ball court, found at many Maya sites throughout Mesoamerica The story concludes with a view into some of the climatological, military, religious and societal reasons as to why the Classic Maya age came to an end.Bloch takes the archaeologicalbased realities of Maya life, and communicates it through a strong and simple narrative.I enjoyed this book as an adult It puts flesh on the bone of a people I know relatively little about I'll ask my 11 and14 year olds to read it before we travel to the Yucatan and visit Chchen Itza and Tulum.  The Well of Sacrifice

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