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Eating Animals Jonathan Safran Foer Spent Much Of His Life Oscillating Between Enthusiastic Carnivore And Occasional Vegetarian Once He Started A Family, The Moral Dimensions Of Food Became Increasingly Important.Faced With The Prospect Of Being Unable To Explain Why We Eat Some Animals And Not Others, Foer Set Out To Explore The Origins Of Many Eating Traditions And The Fictions Involved With Creating Them Traveling To The Darkest Corners Of Our Dining Habits, Foer Raises The Unspoken Question Behind Every Fish We Eat, Every Chicken We Fry, And Every Burger We Grill.Part Memoir And Part Investigative Report, Eating Animals Is A Book That, In The Words Of The Los Angeles Times, Places Jonathan Safran Foer At The Table With Our Greatest Philosophers.

10 thoughts on “Eating Animals

  1. dara dara says:

    This isn t as much of a review of Jonathan Safran Foer s latest book as it is a reaction to it a reaction to the reactions of others, even The title of this book garners a reaction from people who haven t read it and who may never read it Just carry Eating Ani

  2. Raeleen Lemay Raeleen Lemay says:

    This book should be required reading in America No joke.

  3. brian brian says:

    TO SERVE MANi can t review this book can t even finish it the page count to tears shed ratio is just too high and my head s not in the right place for this shit and talk about preaching to the choir i haven t read jonathan safran foer s novels and fuckoff what h

  4. JSou JSou says:

    I am not a vegetarian Honestly, I ve never even tried to be a vegetarian at any point in my life I love steak I love bacon I love sushi I could go on, but you get the idea.With my son not being able to have any sort of gluten or artificial coloring in the food he

  5. Lisa Vegan Lisa Vegan says:

    I was torn how to rate this book It isn t perfect I noted many flaws in its comprehensiveness but it s amazing enough, so 5 stars it is.I ve read so many books such as this but none for a while, and it s because reading about how humans use animals is so devastati

  6. mason mason says:

    i ve long flirted with vegetarianism for a few months in the early 00s, i even dated her but i d never truly wanted to spend all of my time with her, send her flowers, or introduce her to my parents and everyone i ve ever cared about until i read this book.foer cla

  7. Meredith Holley Meredith Holley says:

    I don t mean this dismissively, but I feel like I finally get what Charlton Heston meant when he cried out, Soylent Green is people It s peeeeople Just I don t know That movie s pretty silly, but I keep walking around the house feeling like all those years that I a

  8. Lori Lori says:

    Well, fresh fruits and vegetables are alive and responsive to light when you eat them, grain harvesters leave a wake of maimed and mutilated wildlife, and a songbird dies for every cup of coffee I suspect that last is an imprecise ratio So, Burroughs point that your

  9. Ashley Brooks Ashley Brooks says:

    I realize I finished this book 10 days ago and have not rated itand I also can t stop thinking about it There s a lot I could say about this book and how much it made me think it s completely riddled with highlighter but honestly, most people I know wouldn t bother pi

  10. Stephanie *Extremely Stable Genius* Stephanie *Extremely Stable Genius* says:

    Hear are my thoughts in order as I was reading this book.1 OMG..OMFG 2 Crapnow I m a vegatarian 3 I can never have my favorite Mongolian Chicken from Mings again snif.Yes in that order I have not eaten meat since half way through this book Will it stick I hope so.Not o

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