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Bone: The Complete Edition An American graphic novel first The completepage epic from start to finish in one deluxe trade paperbackThree modern cartoon cousins get lost in a pre technological valley, spending a year there making new friends and out running dangerous enemies After being run out of Boneville, the three Bone cousins, Fone Bone, Phoney Bone and Smiley Bone are separated and lost in a vast uncharted desert One by one they find their way into a deep forested valley filled with wonderful and terrifying creatures It will be the longest but funniest year of their lives

10 thoughts on “Bone: The Complete Edition

  1. Brandon Sanderson Brandon Sanderson says:

    This review is from 2006 I haven t done a review for a while, so I thought I d do something a little bit different A week or so back, a friend loaned me the complete BONE graphic novel.This is one I ve been wanting to read for a while Not only have I done very little reading in the graphic novel genre, but I ve heard a lot of very good things about this one I remember a friend reading issu

  2. Dan Schwent Dan Schwent says:

    After being run out of Boneville because of one of Phoney Bone s schemes, the Bone cousins wind up in a valley in the mountains It s a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire when war erupts around the valley and the cousins and their new friends are caught in the middleBack in the 1990s, this book was the talk of the town but I was too cool for a comic book about cute characters Now th

  3. Oriana Oriana says:

    Book 7 for Jugs I need my books to be portable So obviously I took a steak knife and some old Vice magazine covers and DIY d it into three somewhatma Book 7 for Jugs Capes read a cleaner version of this review on CCLaP pre read I ordered this online and it arrived today not in a padded envelope, as is customary, but in a big ass box I should have understood then, but not until I sliced the box open

  4. Christine Christine says:

    Once upon a time, the Marx brothers went to a magical kingdom and met a old woman who races cows and stupid, stupid rat creatures who have idenity problems involing the eating of quiche.It s funny how we change and yet, somehow, stay the same I ve read comics or graphic novels at three points in my life so far In each of these points, it s been a slightly different style When I was a preteen, my local st

  5. George George says:

    I loved this comic book The art style reminded me of Belgian comics of my childhood and the story I must say should be worthy of Tolkien.

  6. Patrick Patrick says:

    I really enjoyed this graphic novel series Before I read it, I thought it was a kid s graphic novel but once I read the first two volumes I was hooked The story is simple, fun, and adventurous This isn t just for kids but adults too Great series

  7. Seth T. Seth T. says:

    Bad morning I wasn t sure I d ever review Jeff Smith s Bone After all, is there much that can be said that hasn t already been said Bone s so long been part of the canon of comics literature such as one exists that reviewing it at this point is like reviewing Watchmen or The Dark Knight Returns or Maus Or for the non comics literate, a bit like if someone penned a review today for Huckleberry Finn I mean, what s the po

  8. John John says:

    A friend gave the Bone single volume collection to me a gift one year I wasn t familiar with the series prior to that but had just finished a semester of graduate english lit courses that focused on cultural studies and serial fiction Bone is Lord of the Rings meets Dickens I loved it The beginning pages hooked me with humor, the middle turned into serious plot with social commentary, then wrapped everything up but was a li

  9. Jackie "the Librarian" Jackie "the Librarian" says:

    I thought, okay, weird little guys with big noses, lost in the woods, this is going to be goofy humor with throw away gags And what ARE these guys, anyways I never did figure that one out there s a whole other story waiting to be told about that And then, it turned into an epic With kingdoms, royalty in exile, and battles, and life and death danger stuff AWESOME I liked this better than the Lord of the Rings Shhh Don t tell the

  10. Sud666 Sud666 says:

    Sometimes I enjoy reading something different I had heard of Bone, but had no real desire to read it Shame on me It is written in the same vein as the wonderful Elfquest or The Dark Crystal, it is a children s tale written in a dark fantasy world The comic was published in 55 issues, but I was able to find this omnibus version.It has won multiple awards and I can see why The art style is very similar to the cartoon style of newspaper

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