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Re-Gifters Jen Dik Seong, aka Dixie, is dirt poor and living on the ragged edge of LA s Koreatown Her only outlet is the ancient martial art of hapkido, and she s on the verge of winning a championship until she falls for surfer boy Adam Older teens

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  1. Elizabeth A Elizabeth A says:

    Jen Dik Seong, known as Dixie to her friends, well really friend singular , is a first generation Korean American girl, who has a black belt in Hapkido an ancient marital art She has her first major crush, and this has left her not only distracted, but she has lost her Ki Will she find it again This graphic novel targeted at the teen reader is a lovely exploration of first loves, friendship, and the struggle to figure out who you are The black,

  2. Vonze Vonze says:

    I ve read nearly all the MINX comics, and I ve gotta say that the Re Gifters and The P.L.A.I.N Janes are my favorites from this imprint of DC comics it had a lot of potentialwish it was still around.Basically, the Re Gifters is the story of a young Korean girl, Dixie , her hapkido tournament, and the love triangle she gets caught up with, involving the boy she likes, the girl he likes, and the guy she never considered before I really liked Dixie s

  3. Jennie Jennie says:

    Plot Jen Dik Seong is studying the ancient martial art of hapkido She s awesome at the sport In fact, her parents and friends want her to participate in the 25th National Hapkido Championship because they think that she stands an excellent chance of winning She saves up the money for the ticket to participate in the championship, but then she spends the money on buying a birthday gift for her crush Adam He not only doesn t like her back argh , he re gi

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    2.5 starsI thought that Re gifters was just okay, but I guess that it depends what you were expecting, and since most people expect comic books graphic novels to be light reads, this will likely please most teens who pick it up Re gifters is the equivalent of cheesy teen novel, except with a Korean American protagonist instead of the typical bland dishwater blond girl who for some reason other than hapkido isn t quite girly enough to fit norms, and read as

  5. Debbie Debbie says:

    Dixie is a Korean American girl who has a black belt is hapkido, a martial art She and her best, well, ONLY friend, Avril are looking forward to entering the hapkido tournament together Unfortunately, Dixie s crush on Adam, a clueless surfer dude in her hapkido class, causes her to lose focus She comes up with a daring idea to impress him with an expensive gift, and then finds out that not only has she spent the money for her tournament entrance fee, but also

  6. Agathafrye Agathafrye says:

    This book rocked I really enjoyed Dixie, the main character, who is a feisty Korean girl that excels in hapkido Without spoiling the book, Dixie gets thrown off of her game by a boy, and we get to root for her while she gets her mojo back I was highly satisfied by the emotionally manipulative ending, I must confess.

  7. Kris Kris says:

    Fun and light I like that there is a graphic novel out there with a Korean American girl as the protagonist that brushes on things like culture and ethnicity, but doe not make them the focus of the book Not a huge fan of the art, but a good, quick read.

  8. Pete Pete says:

    Aimed at much younger readers than me And females at that.But it was a fun little read

  9. Cara Marie Cara Marie says:

    I utterly adored My Faith in Frankie from the same team, so I was looking forward to this Sadly, it s not as good The protagonist, Jen Dik Seong, or just Dixie, is a talented martial artist in hapkido only she s somewhat distracted at the moment by a giant crush on Adam, who also studies hapkido He throws her off her game completely Trouble comes when Dixie spends the money her father can barely put together for an upcoming tournament on a very expensive present for Adam Who

  10. Patrice Sartor Patrice Sartor says:

    SUMMARY Jen Dik Dixie Seong is a black belt in hapkido, a sport that her father encourages her to participate in because it harkens back to the families Korean heritage, even though they do not have much money Yet Dixie finds it difficult to fully focus on hapkido when she s distracted by Adam, her dojo s most talented male student and the object of her affection Her one friend, Avril, supports Dixie s Adam obsession, up to a point Things start to twist and turn when a gift keeps

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